Frisco Lice Treatment Center

The Frisco Lice Treatment Center we offer at Lice Lifters DFW is unmatched. It serves the North Texas community as a lice and nit treatment solution. Consult our facility for the best care and education in Frisco lice treatment.

In what way do you service Frisco?

We help Frisco families in stressful times of dealing with lice. We educate parents and try help them avoid re-infesting themselves. We are sympathetic to what they are going through and try to make a stressful situation as easy as possible by holding their hands and manually removing all of the nits and bugs from their heads. We also have partnered with the schools in the area, like Frisco ISD, to work with the nurses and offer specials to Frisco ISD families.

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How long have you been serving the local community in Frisco?

We’ve been in Frisco a little more than a year.

What makes you unique and the preferred choice for lice treatment in Frisco?

We use an all-natural lice solution that suffocates the bugs, and we have a special combing technique that will remove all of the bugs and nits. No follow-up visits in our Frisco office are necessary. Most of the other centers require you to get rechecked within 7 days or your guarantee is null and void.

What are some of the sub-services you offer?

Head checks, re-checks, and treatment kits for purchase, since lice are immune to over-the-counter/prescription remedies.

What are some things that people in Frisco might like to know about your services?

We are caring, sympathetic, efficient, and take pride in what we do. Our goal is to make everyone leave with a smile on their face.

What are the major landmarks that can help customers get to your business?

We’re off of Stonebrook Parkway and Parkwood Blvd across from the Frisco Police Department.

What are other local customers saying about your business in Frisco?

Pleasant experience for a horrible situation. Do not waste your money on prescription and over-the-counter treatments; they don’t work. This treatment is so much easier and it works. The Frisco staff was very thorough, educated us, were great with my kids and gave us a great peace of mind.

What other businesses do you partner with in Frisco?

Frisco hair salons, doctor offices, and schools.

What local organizations do you support in Frisco?

Frisco ISD

What types of local offers and incentives do you offer the people of Frisco?

We offer three free head checks per household as long as one family member has a full treatment. $90 savings—no other treatment center will offer that. We also offer four months free head checks to all clients who have had a full treatment with us. 30-day guarantee as long as we have checked every household member.

If you would like more information regarding our lice treatment options in Frisco, contact Lice Lifters. Call 972-805-1308 to make your appointment today! 


Last updated on July 24, 2017 by Beth Kirschner