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Head lice is certainly a problem you would never want to have come up in your life, but if you have kids, it may be an issue you can’t avoid. With all the physical contact kids typically engage in, there is frequently a good chance for lice on one infected child’s head to spread to others. These parasitic insects can be quite an itchy nuisance, and they are no laughing matter for parents and children who have to deal with them. This is why you may want to seek out professional help for head lice removal in the form of a head lice clinic such as our safe, effective and affordable services at Lice Lifters of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Why Head Lice in Frisco Are Hard to Remove

You may think that handling lice in Frisco is a simple matter, but you would be wrong. Your child may have picked them up through direct contact with another child or by wearing an infected person’s hat or using their pillow. The first step before handling the lice on their head is to have a talk with them, and make sure they don’t engage in such behavior in the future, so they don’t get reinfected even after handling this infestation. Our staff can give you numerous tips for avoiding recurrences of this problem in the future.

The main problem is that there are the adult lice to contend with, but then there are also the eggs, which are known as nits. These nits are attached to the base of your child’s hair in a fashion that makes them hard to remove. It is seemingly impossible to find a head lice treatment that handles both the lice and the nits, but thankfully, this is where our professional head lice removal services come into the picture.

A Professional Head Lice Solution in Frisco Texas to the Rescue!

Located in Frisco, our team at Lice Lifters of Dallas Fort Worth have the knowledge and products that will get rid of a head lice infestation once and for all. Our head lice clinic also accomplishes this head lice removal in one trip, so you and your child can quickly be on your way again.

Our products are 100 percent safe and all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about your child having a potential reaction to any harsh chemicals.

At Lice Lifters in Frisco TX, our head lice treatment handles both the nits and the adult lice while giving you the peace of mind of knowing you are actually getting this problem handled instead of trying risky, ineffective over-the-counter products.

Please contact our Frisco location today, so we can schedule an appointment to get you free of lice quickly, affordably and conveniently. Call 972-805-1308.

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