How Mobile Head Lice Treatment Brings Convenient Relief to Kids and Families in Dallas/Fort Worth

When your child walks in the door with a head full of lice, you immediately want safe and effective relief. That’s where Lice Lifters Treatment Centers’ mobile services come in. Using the best lice-removal treatment solutions, their trained experts can help with a lice infestation on the spot. Although you could rush to the store … Continued

How to Keep Your Kid Lice-Free at Summer Camp

Summer camps are supposed to include plenty of wonderful memories like swimming, camping, hiking, s’mores, and friends, but there’s one experience that no child should have to deal with while they’re at camp: lice. Unfortunately, summer camps are often a breeding ground for these little buggers that move from head to head. Close sleeping quarters, … Continued

Texas Law Now Requires Schools to Notify Parents of Classroom Lice Infestation

Millions of children are exposed to head lice while attending school each year, and unfortunately, parents aren’t always aware of the lice infestations that are occurring in the classroom. If little critters were infesting heads at your child’s school, wouldn’t you want to know? Luckily, the Texas government passed a law in September of 2017 … Continued