My Coworker has Head Lice!

You can’t always control who you work with, and your coworkers can’t always control whether or not they get head lice. While most people tend to think of head lice as a kid’s problem, the truth is that you can get them at any age. You likely noticed that your coworker has head lice by … Continued

Can You Prevent Head Lice?

Dealing with head lice is troublesome. For those who have never experienced the discomfort of head lice, the newfound sensation of bugs crawling on the scalp can be overwhelming. For those who have previously dealt with a lice infestation, promises are often made to never let it happen again. It does, though. Head lice spread … Continued

Can Head Lice Cause Hives?

Head lice are becoming increasingly more common throughout the country. On average, there are between 6 and 12 million reported cases of head lice infestations in the United States. These numbers are rising consistently each year. With so many head lice being passed around, more and more adults are becoming worried about their children. Are … Continued