Trends in DFW Lice Removal Techniques

Lice Treatment Little Elm, TXIt might surprise you to hear that, just as with things like fashion, food, and holiday vacation spots, there are trends in lice removal. In recent months, Lice Lifters has noticed a few trends in the DFW area.

In this article, we’ll explore current trends in lice removal and explain how effective they are.

Something All-Natural

The problem we’ve seen with clients that use products with pesticides, aside from the fact these products can irritate the scalp, is that many times, they simply don’t work. Head lice have grown genetically resistant to the pesticides in many popular over-the- counter lice removal products. That means these over-the- counter products only work about half the time, even when combined with nit combing. So it’s no wonder that DFW families are looking for all-natural alternatives that will get the job done and won’t cause irritation.

We recommend using our mint-scented mousse to naturally repel head lice. Additionally, if your child has long hair, look for a mint-scented detangler spray that will make the process of removing head lice much easier and deter head lice from returning.

Something That Makes the Experience More Pleasant

Getting rid of head lice has a reputation for being a messy, gross, and smelly process, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Using one of our products like our Lice Lifters Nit Removal Mousse or Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray are safe for you and your family, smells pleasant. Treating head lice doesn’t have to be a terrible process. We’ve even developed a one-of- a-kind micro-grooved nit comb that’s better at removing nits than any other comb we’ve tried.

Someone to Help

Give Lice Lifters a call today. Only our company offers a two-pronged treatment that uses the nontoxic, all-natural killing agent developed by our company in conjunction with an intensive comb-out by our expert Lifticians. Give us a call at 972-805-1308 to discuss your options.

What’s the Difference Between Nit Removal and Lice Removal?

Lice Treatment Wylie, TXOur DFW-area clients are often curious about the difference between head lice removal and nit removal. In this article, Lice Lifters will explain the difference between the two processes and why it’s important to use treatment methods to remove both.

What is Nit Removal?

Nits are the eggs of unhatched head lice. These nits are attacked by a gluey substance to the hair strand making them difficult to remove. Nit removal is not effective is a specialized shampoo alone. In order to free the scalp of nits, it’s necessary to use a nit comb. These combs are specially designed to lift the eggs off the hair, preventing the next head lice outbreak.

What is Lice Removal?

Lice removal, on the other hand, is focused on removing the active head lice from the scalp. These are most often eradicated with a special shampoo or mousse that is formulated to remove all head lice from the individual. Lice Lifters has our own special formula that is free of harsh toxins, smells like mint (which naturally deters head lice), and is proven to remove head lice quickly and efficiently.

Why Do I Need Both?

Simply put, if you just remove the head lice, in a few weeks the nits will hatch and you’ll have to start all over again. The best way to treat head lice is to use treatments for each life stage to ensure that your head lice are gone for good.

Who Can I Call?

If someone in your family has head lice, give Lice Lifters a call at 972-805-1308. We’ll be more than happy to share our current products and services with you. Ask us whatever questions you may have about head lice and their removal, we are happy to answer any and all questions.

DIY Lice Removal Tricks That Don’t Actually Work

Lice Treatment Lewisville, TXIf your child is in a DFW area school, you’ve likely heard many “do it yourself” lice removal suggestions. The problem is, many of this don’t actually work.

In this article, Lice Lifters discusses lice removal tricks that don’t actually work.

OTC Products That Use Harmful Chemicals

Let us clarify, these shampoos and other products will kill off come of the head lice, but they also irritate the scalp and can be harmful, when not used according to their instructions. Why use a harsh method when there is a nontoxic, all-natural alternative that is kinder to your child’s scalp and won’t irritate the skin?

Using the Nit Comb Only

Most people realize that a nit comb is used for part of the live removal process. However, using a nit comb alone is not an effective lice removal trick. You must use a treatment method that addresses every life stage of lead lice in order to effectively free the scalp of head lice and nits.

Mayo, Olive Oil, Vaseline

There are some home remedies which are often tried by our clients before they come to us, but haven’t been fully effective. These include covering the head with mayonnaise, olive oil, or Vaseline and leaving it on overnight. In some cases, clients notices a decrease in head lice, but other treatment methods are needed to fully eradicate the outbreak.

Give Us a Call to Try a Proven Method

If someone in your family is dealing with head lice, give our experienced lice removal technicians a call today at 972-805-1308. Learn more about our products and services and how they can effectively treat and free your home of head lice and nits.

Top Myths About Lice

Lice Treatment Richardson, TXThere are many myths surrounding lice and how to handle them. Lice Lifters put together this article to keep DFW area residents informed about the truth regarding lice.

#1 I Only Have Lice If My Head Itches

This isn’t true. In our experience, only about half the people with head lice actually experience an itchy scalp. So even if a person isn’t experiencing an itching sensation, they could still have head lice. That’s one of the reasons our company offers head checks, so you know for sure.

#2 If My Hair is Clean, I Won’t Get Lice

This is another myth we hear all too often. Lice don’t prefer dirty hair over clean hair. Since lice need human scalps to live, they will happily take up residence on whoever comes their way. Luckily, there are some natural deterrent that can help. Head lice don’t like mint. So, that why we have a Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray that can be used anytime to naturally keep lice away.

#3 You Can Get Lice From Pets

Nothing could be more false. Head lice can ONLY live on humans. So, don’t worry about the possibility of getting lice from your family dog or cat, that’s a myth.

#4 A Specialized Shampoo Is All I Need

Again, this is a myth that could lead to another outbreak of head lice in your home. That’s because in order to completely eradicate lead lice, you have to make sure you take care of the head lice and the nits. Shampoo will not free hair of nits.

Call Lice Lifters Today

If you or someone in your family may have head ice, give Lice Lifters a call at 972-805-1308. We’ll be more than happy to share our current products and services with you so that your family will stay head lice free.