How Mobile Head Lice Treatment Brings Convenient Relief to Kids and Families in Dallas/Fort Worth

When your child walks in the door with a head full of lice, you immediately want safe and effective relief. That’s where Lice Lifters Treatment Centers’ mobile services come in. Using the best lice-removal treatment solutions, their trained experts can help with a lice infestation on the spot.

Although you could rush to the store and purchase over-the-counter lice treatment products, that’s not necessarily a quick or effective way to get the job done. Many of those products contain harmful ingredients, including pesticides that can cause irritation on children’s delicate scalps. Plus, the odds that those products will eliminate the buggers for good are slim.

With Lice Lifters Treatment Centers’ all-natural treatment service, you can feel confident that you’re tackling the lice problem in the best way possible. With one single visit from the mobile lice removers, your children will receive a thorough treatment that’s painless and totally effective. The technicians will even leave you with a follow-up treatment plan and some advice on how to prevent further outbreaks in your home.

Many mobile lice removal services use their own killing agents, but many of those leave eggs behind. This can lead to another infestation down the road, which means that these mobile treatments are not truly effective. Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, on the other hand, use all-natural products that are non-toxic but extremely reliable. Pediatricians, school nurses, and other specialists in the area have endorsed Lice Lifters Treatment Centers for their kid-friendly tactics.

If you need Lice Lifters Treatment Centers to help with an outbreak in your family, there are to ways you can schedule an appointment: either in one of their two facilities, located in Frisco, or in your own home with their newly-launched mobile services. No matter which kind of appointment you decide to schedule, the experts will give you a 30-day guarantee that the lice will be gone for good.

To schedule an appointment of any kind with a Lice Lifters Treatment Center, call today at 972-805-1308 (Frisco). Emergency appointments are available, so reach out anytime you suspect lice have invaded your family.

One Quick Treatment. Done! Guaranteed.

Why Coconut Oil Isn’t An Effective Lice Treatment

One Google search during a lice outbreak will tell you that there are dozens of DIY, at-home lice treatment possibilities for the removal of lice. From mayonnaise to vacuum cleaners, the list of possible treatment products goes on and on, and some of them might sound pretty convincing.

However, those searches don’t tell you everything. Those “natural” ways of eradicating lice are often ineffective, time-consuming, and irritating for young scalps. Parents know that when your children have lice, there’s no time to waste on pointless treatment plans.

You have probably read about using coconut oil as a lice treatment, but unfortunately, it’s not a miracle cure for the little creatures. Although coconut oil can seem to eradicate the lice at first, and it is more effective than some over-the-counter products you can purchase in drugstores, it’s certainly not the best way to treat lice. Research has indicated that the lice often return, likely because you miss an egg or two while treating the infested scalp.

The biggest problem with using coconut oil as the sole treatment for a head full of lice? The process skips one of the most important aspects: professional nit picking. The coconut oil does help comb out the lice and remove the visible ones, but it’s no substitute for a trained lice technician that can perform a 100% effective comb out and treatment process.

With Lice Lifters Treatment Centers’ all-natural killing agent, you don’t have to worry about hours spent in the bathroom with your hands slathered in slippery coconut oil. Lice Lifters Treatment Centers utilize their own special treatment service to eradicate lice once and for all. They also provide a follow-up treatment for your use at home, as well as a 30-day guarantee that the lice will stay away. FSA and Health Savings Insurance are accepted.

To schedule an appointment with a Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, call 972-805-1308 (Frisco). One Quick Treatment. Done! Guaranteed.

How to Keep Your Kid Lice-Free at Summer Camp

Summer camps are supposed to include plenty of wonderful memories like swimming, camping, hiking, s’mores, and friends, but there’s one experience that no child should have to deal with while they’re at camp: lice.

Unfortunately, summer camps are often a breeding ground for these little buggers that move from head to head. Close sleeping quarters, shared hats and equipment, and a lack of parental monitoring can mean that lice outbreaks are more common than anywhere else.
There are things you can do, however, to help your child steer clear of any lice infestations at summer camp. Here are three of the most effective preventive methods you can teach them to employ, even when you’re not around to protect them.

  • Teach them how lice spread. If your child is going to avoid lice, then they’ll need to know how the tiny creatures operate. Educate them on how the lice come in contact with their scalp, what the warning signs are, and how they should handle the situation if any of their other bunkmates show symptoms.
  • Encourage them to wear their hair up. Girls with long hair are especially in danger of contracting lice because their strands come in contact with other heads more often. If your child has long hair, give them plenty of hair ties so that they can keep it safely away from other heads.
  • Discourage them from sharing. As backward as this sounds, camps are not the place to share hats, towels, brushes, pillows, blankets, combs, hair products, and other items. Tell your child to keep their belongings to themselves in an effort to prevent the spread of lice.

If your child does return from camp with a head full of uninvited guests, do the smart thing and contact Lice Lifters Treatment Centers immediately. They’ll book you an emergency appointment and use their all-natural killing agent to eradicate the lice for good. One Quick Treatment. Done! Guaranteed.

To schedule an appointment or speak to a lice technician, call Lice Lifters Treatment Centers today at 972-805-1308 (Frisco).