Fast Treatment, Compassion, and Courtesy

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently updated its guidelines for dealing with head lice. The AAP advises prompt treatment, but also suggests that kids with an active head lice outbreak be allowed to attend school.

In theory, this advice makes sense. While a head lice infestation may be unpleasant and inconvenient, it does not endanger lives or constitute a health crisis. At the same time, Miss Manners would probably have a very different opinion about allowing a child with lice at school. As a parent having endured head lice on a family-wide scale, I would implore other families to use good, old-fashioned manners and common sense when dealing with lice. Some points to consider:

  • Having head lice can be extremely itchy and irritating. Allowing a child to attend school, rather than seeking immediate treatment, prolongs the discomfort. Putting a stop to a child’s suffering should take precedence.
  • While head lice do not jump and can’t survive for extended periods on surfaces, the critters can spread like wildfire nonetheless. How would you feel if another parent knowingly sent their infected child to school and passed the misery of head lice to your family? Make the choice you would want other parents to make and deal with lice immediately – this is one realm where sharing is not caring!
  • The AAP guidelines touch on chemical and prescription treatments for head lice but acknowledge that insect resistance to pesticides is a known problem. The Lice Lifters System is an ALL-NATURAL and highly effective treatment – and unlike conventional pesticides, our protocol is NON-TOXIC for your family.
  • Treatment can be quite speedy – there’s no need to miss an entire day of school or work. Lice Lifters DFW is centrally located in Frisco for quick access from all over the DFW Metroplex and beyond. Daytime and after-school appointments are available, and our phones are answered for extended hours — early morning, evening, or weekend appointments can be arranged upon request.

When it comes to consideration and comfort, we say it’s best to err on the side of caution and treat lice as soon as they are detected. It certainly won’t hurt, and it just might prevent others from becoming infected.