DIY Lice Removal Tricks That Don’t Actually Work

Lice Treatment Lewisville, TXIf your child is in a DFW area school, you’ve likely heard many “do it yourself” lice removal suggestions. The problem is, many of this don’t actually work.

In this article, Lice Lifters discusses lice removal tricks that don’t actually work.

OTC Products That Use Harmful Chemicals

Let us clarify, these shampoos and other products will kill off come of the head lice, but they also irritate the scalp and can be harmful, when not used according to their instructions. Why use a harsh method when there is a nontoxic, all-natural alternative that is kinder to your child’s scalp and won’t irritate the skin?

Using the Nit Comb Only

Most people realize that a nit comb is used for part of the live removal process. However, using a nit comb alone is not an effective lice removal trick. You must use a treatment method that addresses every life stage of lead lice in order to effectively free the scalp of head lice and nits.

Mayo, Olive Oil, Vaseline

There are some home remedies which are often tried by our clients before they come to us, but haven’t been fully effective. These include covering the head with mayonnaise, olive oil, or Vaseline and leaving it on overnight. In some cases, clients notices a decrease in head lice, but other treatment methods are needed to fully eradicate the outbreak.

Give Us a Call to Try a Proven Method

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