Does Coconut Oil Work Against Lice?

Woman checking young child for head lice.
By J2R at Shutterstock

Thanks to the prevalence of blogs online, do-it-yourself solutions and home remedies have become increasingly more common when it comes to head lice treatment. Many parents wish to save money while ridding their children or home of head lice. Unfortunately, despite what you may have read online, most of these natural home remedies fail to solve any sort of head lice infestation. The newest method: coconut oil. Is coconut oil effective at combating head lice? Let’s dive into the home remedy further together and determine whether coconut oil is worth your time or not.

Coconut Oil for Lice

If you have ever had the misfortune of dealing with head lice, then you already know there are numerous home remedies touted online. From extreme heat to mayonnaise, these methods are said to work miracles, according to bloggers. These are not professionals, though. Many have ulterior motives, such as getting you to buy into their product line or sign up for a monthly newsletter with special offerings. The reality is that nothing but professional treatment is fully effective at stopping head lice.

That’s not to say coconut oil is completely useless. The majority of head lice can hold their breath for four or more hours. As such, adult head lice will not die in coconut oil. However, the viscosity of coconut oil does make combing out adult lice much easier. The lice become sticky and slow in the mixture, and do not move as quickly to hide. As such, when performing a home comb out, a little coconut oil around the scalp can make the task easier. Do not expect coconut oil to stop a head lice infestation, though, as it simply won’t happen.

Risks of Coconut Oil

Believe it or not, there are risks associated with the use of coconut oil to treat head lice. There is a low chance that you or your child may have an allergic reaction to the coconut oil. As such, it is highly recommended that, before applying any amount of coconut oil to the scalp, you test a little on the arm or leg beforehand. If the coconut oil triggers an allergic reaction, avoid using it on the head whatsoever.

Trust Lice Lifters for Guaranteed Head Lice Treatment

Overall, coconut oil is okay at slowing down head lice for a comb-out, however, it is not a proven home remedy. The only surefire method to stop head lice is via professional head lice treatment. The experts at Lice Lifters use non-toxic treatment solutions and proven techniques to rid the scalp of head lice once and for all. These methods are guaranteed to work with just one treatment. There are no in-office follow-up appointments, no messy oils to apply, and no guesswork involved.

If you need to schedule prompt head lice treatment, contact Lice Lifters at our Frisco location by calling at 972-805-1308. No other lice treatment works as effectively or safely as our tried and true methods!