Facts You Didn’t Know About Lice Removal

Lice Treatment Richardson, TXWe see a lot of the same misconceptions regarding lice removal from our Dallas clients. So we want to take to time to address some of these in this article.

In this article, Lice Lifters shares some facts you didn’t know about lice removal.

OTC Methods Aren’t Always Successful

Aside from the fact many over the counter treatments contain chemicals that can irritate the skin or cause other health issues, they aren’t always successful in taking care of both head lice and nits. Many of our clients try an at-home treatment and see partial success before coming to Lice Lifters to eradicate the rests.

You Can Still Have Lice Even If Your Scalp Doesn’t Itch

From what we’ve seen, only about 50% of people infected with head lice experience any kind of itching on their scalp. That means that an equal amount of people experience no itchiness but still need treatment to eradicate their head lice. So stop by for one of our head checks if you think you or your kids may be dealing with head lice.

Lice Can Only Live on the Human Scalp

Head lice cannot live on your household pets. So don’t worry about your kids getting lice from your dog or cat. They can only receive them from head-to-head contact with another human. That being said, lice can survive temporarily on other surfaces. This is why it’s often wisest not to share hair brushes or hats with other people who may be infected to prevent lice.

Call Lice Lifters to Learn More

At Lice Lifters, we have years of experience handling head lice and successfully administering treatments. Give us a call at 972-805-1308 with whatever questions you may have about our products and services. We offer head checks at our Dallas area location and a range of preventative options in addition to our treatments.