10 Tips to Remove Head Lice Properly

Lice Lifters Treatments Dallas & Fort Worth, TXNo one wants to have a second outbreak of head lice after the first treatment fails to completely remove head lice and nits. That’s why it’s important to keep these 10 tips in mind.

Attack Lice at All Life Stages

Look into using a solution treatment that will kill lice at every life stage.

Use a Nit Comb

This comb is specially designed to make it easy to use and to lift nits directly off hair strands.

Use Products with Mint

Products like our Lice Lifters Nit Removal Mousse or the Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray are safe for you, your family, but a natural repellant for head lice.

Avoid OTC Methods

At best, over the counter methods are partially successfully, at worst, they can irritate the scalp or cause other issues.

Use a Detangler Spray for Long Hair

If you or your child has long hair, look for a mint scented detangler spray that will make the process of removing head lice much easier and deter head lice from returning.

Don’t Share Hats or Brushes

Head lice are transferred through skin to skin contact. Encourage your kids to not share brushes, combs, or hats with their friends.

Be Diligent

After your treatment, be on the lookout for nits and head lice in your child’s hair. If you see anything after a treatment, give us a call.

Treat Your House Too

Don’t forget to clean any bedding, stuffed animals, clothes, or furniture surfaces that might house any lingering head lice.

Plan a Follow-up Treatment

With a Lice Lifters Family Head Lice Treatment Kit, depending on the length and thickness of hair, a single kit treats one to four heads.

Use the Help of a Trusted Local Company

Lice Lifters uses an all-natural, non-toxic, pesticide-free treatment to eradicate head lice and get you and your family up and running in no time

If you or your child is dealing with head lice, give our experienced Dallas professionals a call at our Frisco location at 972-805-1308 to answer any questions.. We’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have regarding our products and services.