Head Lice Treatment: Should You Keep Your Child’s Hair Short?

Lice Treatment Mansfield, TXWhether your child has had head lice in the past, or you’re currently dealing with this pesky problem, you’re likely wondering about preventative measures for the future.

Naturally, many parents may decide that simply cutting their child’s hair will do the trick instead of professionally treating lice – after all, the shorter the hair, the less likely he or she will be to contract lice, right?

Well, not necessarily.

To Cut or Not to Cut, that is The Question

We get it – cutting your child’s hair may seem like an easy fix to eradicating lice. But, the truth is, head lice can live in hair that’s as short as 2 millimeters long! Hair length just doesn’t have a whole lot to do with contracting these troublesome little insects.

Aside from shaving your child’s head completely, cutting a few inches of hair isn’t a great lice-ridding solution. (Not to mention, this could just make your child feel worse.)

So, what does work?

Effective Preventative Measures

Rather than focusing on the length of your child’s hair, here are some tried-and-true preventative methods to keeping head lice at bay before thinking about getting treated at a lice clinic:

  • Instruct your kiddos to NEVER share combs, brushes, headphones, hair accessories, or any other items that may touch their heads.
  • Carefully check your child’s hair at least once a week for potential signs of lice. (The earlier you catch these critters in the act, the easier they’ll be to treat!)
  • Put tea tree oil in your shampoo. Lice can’t stand the stuff!
  • Thoroughly clean and sterilize any objects that your child regularly uses.

Never Fear, Lice Lifters is Here!

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