How This Head Lice Mobile Treatment Service Is Changing the Industry

Boy combing out his hair. Lice Lifters Treatment Centers.
Photo by goldeneden for Shutterstock

This past year, we at Lice Lifters Treatment Centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area launched a groundbreaking new service in the field of head lice removal. Although the concept of offering mobile services is not new, what’s special about this innovation from Lice Lifters is that we can now treat lice cases in children across a larger service area than ever before.

Here is how our head lice mobile treatment service is changing the industry one comb out at a time.

More Children Than Ever Have Access to Treatment

Young children in the earliest grade levels are the top age group to be affected by lice infestations. Still, we offer our high-quality services to people of any age. With this new mobile lice removal service, we can now serve head lice sufferers in a 50-mile radius. People who have never dealt with lice of any kind, especially parents, often feel at a loss as to what their next steps should be. That’s where we come in!

Treatment Brought Right to Your Door

Because we often treat little kids that are in the early grade levels, we are accustomed to them being fearful after finding out that there are tiny bugs on them! Why add to that apprehension by bringing them to a brand new place when we can treat them in the comfort of their own home?

You can call us and we will come to any property within a 50-mile radius of our Frisco location, including Highland Park, University Park, Addison, Bluffview, Northwest Dallas and Far North Dallas. That goes for adults, too! If you are embarrassed, we want to offer you the total comfort and peace that comes with not having to leave your house.

The Lice Lifters Treatment Centers Difference – and Guarantee!

What sets us apart from other lice treatment centers is the fact that we have a total guarantee that you can trust our treatments and their effectiveness. Over-the-counter products contain heavy chemicals and pesticides that do not need to be anywhere near your child’s scalp. That’s why we use a proprietary all-natural product and will perform our thorough comb out before applying it.

We promise you that we have full confidence in our product, and if you or your child is treated for lice, you will not have to call us again! We offer fast results and can come straight to your door for your treatment. Schedule your mobile service with Lice Lifters Treatment Centers by calling 972-805-1308.