Important Follow-Up Care After Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Wylie, TXThe last things any of us want to deal with after we’ve already treated one outbreak of head lice, is to have new head lice hatch and have to go through the process all over again.

Lice Lifters takes serving the Dallas community seriously, and follow-up care is an important part of lice treatment. In this article, we’ll look at follow-up care and why is plays a pivotal role in getting you and your family free of head lice.

Head Check

Have your family members come by Lice Lifters for a head check. It’s common for people not to know for sure where they go head lice in the first place. If someone has just finished treatment for head lice, you certainly don’t want to go through the same treatment with another family member.

Comb and Look

Keep an eye on your child’s hair when you brush it out. Especially if you did an at-home treatment, you may still see a few lingering dead lice for a day or two, depending on how well the hair was washed following treatment. But if there are living lice, or nits present, give us a call.

Preventative Care

Especially if you have younger children or you’ve heard of lice issues at your kid’s school, consider preventative steps. Head lice are naturally deterred by mint. We offer a couple effective products with mint included to ensure you and your family won’t have to deal with head lice again in the future.

Call Lice Lifters

If you or someone in your household has recently been treated for head lice, give our trained lice lifticians a call today at 972-805-1308. We offer head checks at our Dallas area location and a range of preventative options in addition to our treatments so you can be done with head lice for good.