Is Head Lice More Common Now Than Before?

The recent rise in head lice infestations occur for numerous reasons.
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Each year, there are millions of reported cases of head lice infestations. Still, there are even more that go unreported across the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 6 and 12 million children are affected by head lice each year. Unfortunately, the number of reported cases rise each year. More children come home from school, summer camp, or a sleepover with head lice than ever before. There are a number of reasons for the rise in head lice infestations. We’ll dive into those now.

Factors Leading to Increased Head Lice Infestations

There are numerous factors that have led to an increase in head lice infestations over the years. Most recently, “super lice” have overrun schools and public places. There are other factors to consider, though.

  • Super Lice – Let’s begin with super lice. According to reports, 42 of 48 states have tested positive for super lice infestations. These extreme lice have mutated and evolved throughout the years to withstand chemicals and insecticides designed to kill head lice. It is harder to rid the scalp of super lice without proper procedures.
  • Ineffective Treatments – Unfortunately, many parents opt for a trip to the supermarket instead of calling for professional lice treatment. Any product you find on the shelves of the local grocery store or pharmacy will likely fail to treat head lice. The chemicals just do not work (see: super lice). In fact, most of these chemicals cause more harm in the long-run.
  • Socialization – Today’s children, despite the prevalence of gaming devices and television, tend to be more socially active. They form close relationships with their classmates and friend groups. With head lice being spread via head-to-head contact, such closeness often leads to the spread of an infestation quicker and more effectively than ever before.
  • Home Remedies – Like over-the-counter medications, many parents opt for home remedies to solve their head lice troubles, like hot air, olive oil, and coconut oil. Unfortunately, such “solutions” fail to resolve the itch and discomfort. Head lice may persist.

Professional Head Lice Treatment

The only surefire solution to properly treat head lice these days is via professional head lice treatment. By scheduling an appointment with a lice expert, you ensure that your children and family are free of head lice for the foreseeable future.

Often, professional lice treatment offices utilize safe, chemical-free products designed to relieve the symptoms of a head lice infestation and stop the spread of nits, without causing any more harm to the scalp. You won’t find the same level of care from over-the-counter medications, though.

Lice Lifters has designed a three-step lice treatment process that is guaranteed to resolve the issue altogether. We begin with a thorough head check. Then, we move to a professional comb-out. Lastly, we apply our non-toxic treatment solution to kill any lice and nits on the scalp.

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