Is Hot Air Effective Against Head Lice?

Professional lice treatment solutions are guaranteed to work.
By J2R at Shutterstock

There are currently an estimated 6 to 12 million cases of head lice throughout the country. While quite an enormous gap, these millions of cases are not be ignored either. The number of cases is on the rise each year. Lice are becoming resistant to chemical medications and shampoos. Only professional treatment truly stands a chance. However, in recent years, hot air has made waves as a lice treatment solution. Does it work? Can hot air effectively kill head lice and treat an infestation? Well, let us dive in and take a look. The only surefire solution, though, is professional head lice treatment.

Hot Air Lice Treatment Studies

Of course, whenever a brand new lice treatment solution hits the market, everyone wants to study the results and understand how the procedure works. For hot air, multiple studies in the past few years have shown that the right amount and temperature can kill head lice and eggs in just five minutes. In that time, the scalp must be exposed to temperatures between 122-degrees Fahrenheit to 131-degrees Fahrenheit.

One study focuses on schoolchildren, aged six or older, with head lice. Live lice and many eggs were combed out and collected. Each child was then treated with varying degrees of hot air treatments. Then, the eggs and lice were combed out once more. The treatment took around 30 minutes to complete. The result? The hot air was able to kill many lice and eggs, however, not all. Many children still had a high probability of re-infestation, so It is certainly not a guaranteed solution.

Professional Head Lice Treatment

As mentioned previously, the only surefire method to stop head lice in their tracks is to either combine a hot air treatment with professional head lice treatment or to simply undergo professional treatment alone. You have options.

When it comes to professional head lice treatment, experts today, such as those at Lice Lifters, utilize safe, non-harmful treatment options. Today’s head lice are quite resistant to the common chemicals found in so many over-the-counter medications. Furthermore, such “medication” does not solve the problem in any case. Most tend to cause intense rashes, headaches, and fever in children. The skin irritation alone is not worth the trouble. Beyond that, you still have head lice.

The best option is professional head lice treatment appointment. You will require a follow-up at-home treatment to ensure the head lice do not return, nor do any eggs hatch and cause further troubles.

For professional head lice treatment that is guaranteed to treat the problem, consider Lice Lifters in Frisco. We can have you in and out of our office promptly, free of head lice and of an itchy scalp. No more discomfort, no more bugs, just a simple, all-natural solution. Schedule an appointment with our lice experts by calling 972-805-1308. We are here for you, your family, and anyone who has endured head lice for too long!