Natural Treatment for Unwelcome Critters

No one wants to deal with head lice – and I speak from experience. When an infestation made its way through my family, we spent hours upon hours of time across several removal sessions with a mobile nit-picking service. Hundreds of dollars later, the lice were still with us.

As it turns out, a nit comb may not be enough to eliminate these creepy creatures. And because lice have developed resistance to traditional pesticide treatments, they are only 50% effective at best. Who wants to douse their children in toxic chemicals, anyway?

So when the entrepreneurial bug bit (pun intended), a Lice Lifters franchise was the perfect fit. Lice Lifters offers a proven treatment approach that is both all-natural and highly effective treatment, so I’m proud to introduce this guaranteed system to the Dallas-Fort Worth area – we’re centrally located at 7000 Parkwood Blvd., Suite C300, in Frisco.


The unique Lice Lifters approach starts with a careful head check. We systematically and thoroughly check the hair and scalp for signs of nits (eggs), nymphs (young lice), and mature lice. Should we find evidence of six-legged squatters, it’s on to the eviction process.

Next, our highly trained “lifticians” use a proprietary, micro-grooved nit comb to remove eggs that can lead to more lice. A combination of technique and superior comb make this the most effective nit removal we’ve found.

Last, we apply The Lice Lifters® all-natural treatment, which kills 99.9% of live head lice in just 10 minutes – all without exposing your precious cargo to harmful pesticides. Just for good measure, you’ll leave with the treatment solution in your hair, covered with a shower cap. Our clients leave with simple instructions for rinse out and follow up at home.

The entire salon treatment time averages from 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours. The Lice Lifters system is 100% guaranteed – head lice and nits will be a thing of the past for your family!

While there’s nothing desirable about a head lice infestation, Lice Lifters DFW aims to make the treatment experience as pleasant as possible. Your family will love our playroom, stocked with kid-friendly movies, games, chalkboard walls, and more. Our private treatment rooms feature personal DVD players to pass the time, and we also offer complimentary snacks and Wi-Fi access.

I honestly hope you’ll never need our services. But should head lice strike, we’re here to help! Just call us at 972-805-1308, email me at, or visit