My Coworker has Head Lice!

You can’t always control who you work with, and your coworkers can’t always control whether or not they get head lice. While most people tend to think of head lice as a kid’s problem, the truth is that you can get them at any age. You likely noticed that your coworker has head lice by seeing them scratch their head repeatedly, or you may have even seen a live bug. Either way, you need to take action to prevent the lice from spreading any further from your coworker’s hair.

Consider Speaking With Your Employer

Head lice infestations carry a stigma, and you need to tread lightly with how you handle the situation. If you are close to your coworker, you could ask them if they’ve been exposed to lice to see if they are aware of the problem. If you choose this route, then have the information for a head lice removal salon ready to help out your coworker. Alternatively, you could discreetly mention it to your manager or a member of the human resources team. They can then decide upon the best approach to ensure that you can work in a lice-free environment.

Wear Your Hair Up

In addition to picking up some lice remover, you may also want to grab some bobby pins and hair ties. Although it is not a foolproof plan, you may be able to avoid catching head lice by keeping your hair up so that it does not touch the same surfaces as your coworker.

Be Cautious With Shared Items

Certain work environments may require you to share items or areas of the room that can harbor head lice. For instance, upholstered chairs with high backs are a hot spot for nits and lice to collect. If your workplace has a gym or health center, then you need to take precautions to avoid using things such as the same towels or headwear as your coworker.

Get Your Head Checked

As an adult, it is hard to check your own head. However, it is the only way to know for sure if you picked up the infestation. The good news is that you can find places to get a lice check by a professional, and your visit is always confidential.

Remember That Lice are Treatable

If lice are found during your visit to the lice treatment center Frisco residents trust with their hair, don’t panic. The best news is that lice are treatable, and you can expect gently assistance with the removal when you work with a professional. In most cases, the issue is able to be cleared up in a single visit. You can also request a take-home kit with a comb and solution in case it happens again.

Any case of suspected head lice needs to be checked immediately. Be sure to arrange for a lice check from a professional that can spot those tiny eggs and insects before you become the next carrier in your workplace.