Nixing the Nits: DIY Tips You Need to Know

Lice Treatment Coppell, TX
For some, ridding your scalp of head lice is more than a simple annoyance. Perhaps you have experienced this infestation previously and have your own methods to get rid of the little monsters, but those methods may be outdated. You cannot simply remove them yourself. In fact, today’s lice will require the touch of a professional lice remover, like those at Lice Lifters.

Teach Good Habits

In an effort to reduce the chances of your child contracting head lice from another student while at school, you should start teaching them good hygiene habits early. Some such habits include:

  • Using combs and brushes, but never sharing them with other people.
  • Never share towels with another individual.
  • Wash bedding regularly.
  • Teach your child not to share any item that may come into contact with their head.

DIY Prevention Tips

For the most part, removing head lice is an extremely difficult task that requires more than simple over-the-counter methods to do anything. The best option is to simply prevent contracting head lice in the first place.
To do this, avoid using shared spaces –such as lockers or clothes hooks- whenever possible. These are breeding grounds for head lice. Have your child remove their items from cubbies at school, and wash everything thoroughly afterward.
If these prevention tips do not work, however, and you still find your scalp crawling with lice, make an appointment with our offices today.
If you require further tips, advice, or treatment options, call Lice Lifters today for an appointment at 972-805-1308. Our welcoming customer representatives would be more than happy to help with your problem today.