Over-the-Counter Lice Treatment, Yes or No?

Professional head lice treatment is the number one solution to tackle a head lice infestation.
By JPC-PROD of Shutterstock

When your child comes home with that telltale itch, you know something is wrong. It could be head lice, or it could just be some dirt from their time at the playground. But if it’s the former, you may feel the need to panic. Hold on – take a deep breath, step back, and then act appropriately. It’s not the time to panic. Your first instinct may be to visit the drugstore in town for a quick solution. However, we promise that those over-the-counter lice treatment products do not work. There is no doubt that they fail to provide a prompt or effective solution. In fact, most just worsen the situation via the hard-to-pronounce chemicals within each bottle. Do yourself and your child a favor, and just avoid that path altogether.

Over-the-Counter Lice Treatments

Okay, let’s break down your typical over-the-counter lice treatment. Whether it’s prescription, store brand, or Nix, there are chemicals in each bottle. Pesticides, in fact. Such pesticides include Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins. These products do not work to treat head lice. Today’s head lice, which we often refer to as “super lice,” are resistant to such chemicals. You’re simply introducing a new, more harmful product to the scalp.

Furthermore, most over-the-counter lice treatment packages come with a comb, correct? Well, we hate to break it to you, but the comb fails in every way. The teeth of the comb are too far apart, making it quite ineffective at removing head lice. You may snag a few here and there, but overall, it’s not worth your time.

So, why not use pesticides? Well, pesticides are directly linked to cancer, seizures, autoimmune disease, and behavioral problems. If your child is already itching, you do not want to risk introducing another problem to the situation. The itch is likely bad enough.

Effective Lice Treatment

There are nearly 12 million cases of head lice reported each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. A quick trip to the drugstore is not enough to handle the “super lice” of today, which make up 95 percent of all reported cases.

Instead, you need professional aid. The treatment at Lice Lifters is more thorough, effective, and safe for both children and adults. An experienced and certified technician performs the procedure. We use only all-natural, pesticide-free and soothing products, which have a 99.9% guaranteed effectiveness.

Typically, the treatment requires 1 – 1 ½ hours to complete. It’s that simple and straightforward. The professional process involves a three-step method designed to work wonders:

  • Head Check – A technician will sift through the hair, section by section, in search of nits, nymphs, and adult lice.
  • Comb-Out – Using a special micro-grooved comb, your technician will meticulously remove stubborn nits from the hair shafts.
  • All-Natural Killing Agent – Finally, the all-natural killing agent is applied to the hair and scalp. This gentle solution works immediately! Again, Lice Lifters keeps you safe from toxins, too.

Overall, it’s a simple, effective method. Schedule lice treatment services in DFW with Lice Lifters by calling 972-805-1308.

Beth Kirschner is the owner of the Dallas Fort-Worth branch of Lice Lifters. Reach out to her via Facebook or Twitter.