Do Most Products Kill Both Lice and Nits?

When lice first make a visible appearance in your family, your initial instinct is probably to grab a product from the store that will eliminate them quickly. However, experience shows that many lice removal products are ineffective, as well as costly.

The real problem with products? They aren’t a one-stop solution to getting rid of lice. Most products need to be used at least twice to truly eradicate the little pests, and even then, they aren’t guaranteed to flush out all the head lice. Why? One word: nits.

When lice infest a head, they don’t just cause itching or other symptoms: they also lay their eggs among the roots of human hair. So, when you use a store-bought treatment to remove the adult insects from the scalp, it doesn’t remove the unhatched eggs. You must use a nit comb to manually remove nits from the hair shaft. Treatment shampoos will not kill the nits. Therefore, once the next batch of head lice grow up, they’ll start the infestation all over again. This usually takes about a week, and if you aren’t careful, the nit-to-adult lice cycle can repeat itself over and over again.

The best way to ensure that both the nits and the lice are removed? Seek help from a professional lice removal service like Lice Lifters Treatment Centers. Their two-prong treatment wipes out adult lice and destroys the eggs they leave behind. Certified Lifticians use a thorough comb-out technique to ensure no adult insects or nits stay behind. Then, they use a treatment with their own Lice Lifters Lice Solution — a proprietary, all-natural killing agent that will destroy all head lice activity immediately without the use of harmful chemicals.

Visit either of their two treatment centers, located in Frisco, for emergency head lice treatments. The experts there will also provide a follow-up at-home treatment with a 30-day guarantee lice will leave for good.

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