Quick Guide on How to Select and Use a Head Lice Comb

No matter what method you’re using to treat head lice, there’s one step that should never be skipped: the comb out. A special shampoo or over-the-product lice treatment won’t completely eradicate living head lice and their nits, so you’ll need to shop around and purchase a head comb that can remove all the buggers thoroughly.

Before you grab the first lice comb you see, pay attention to the differences between combs. High-quality combs will have metal teeth that are very close together so they can navigate fine hair and pick out each and every nit. Plastic combs are much less effective and tend to leave a few nits lurking near the roots. Don’t waste your money on electronic combs; most experts say they’re no more effective than a nice metal comb.

Once you’ve got your comb in hand, here are the steps to take to conduct an extensive comb out.

  1. Wet the infected head and cover the hair with regular conditioner or detangler. This will make the lice easier to see and the hair simpler to comb.
  2. Part the person’s hair down the middle and focus on one section at a time.
  3. Start at the scalp to loosen all of the lice eggs that have been laid, then comb through each section of the hair in multiple directions. Make sure to dip the ends of the comb in soapy water and wipe it off before starting each brush.
  4. Make sure to go all the way to the ends of the hair. You may see lice fall out as you do so.
  5. Continue combing through the entire head of hair until you stop seeing any lice or nits coming out.
  6. Afterward, rinse out the conditioner and clean all of the supplies you used in hot, soapy water.

Although a properly-conducted comb out can seriously decrease the chances of a repeated head lice infestation, the only truly thorough way to eradicate the pests once and for all is to seek professional lice treatment. Lice Lifters Treatment Centers’ Certified Lifticians will attack lice and nits with their own proprietary solution, an all-natural, completely harmless killing agent that destroys head lice once and for all. Lifticians will also conduct an extremely thorough comb-out to ensure that all the bugs are truly removed. A 30-Day Guarantee is offered on all treatments as long as all household members are checked by a a Certified Lice Lifters Liftician at any of their two locations.

The two Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, located in Frisco, are open for in-office emergency head lice treatments and will provide a follow-up at-home treatment that guarantees the lice will leave for good. Call today to schedule an appointment with Lice Lifters Treatment Centers in Frisco at 972-805-1308

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