Smartphone’s Contribute to Lice Transfer Among School Children

Smartphone’s Contribute to Lice Transfer

The smartphone has transformed our society over the past decade. They have become increasingly capable, and most of us have reached the point where we couldn’t imagine living without them. Having the world at our fingertips wherever we are throughout the day is certainly a wonderful thing, but smartphones also come with some downsides. One of these is that kids who use smartphones have been found to be more likely to contract head lice.

A Double-Edged Sword

Smartphones can be a great tool for our children. As a busy parent, you must be worried about your kids sometimes, and it’s nice to know they are just a phone call away should you need to get in touch. Kids also love them because they can take selfies with their friends. This might actually be part of the reason that they contribute to the spread of head lice. When your child and her friends press their heads together to take that group shot, lice get a wonderful chance to move from one head to another.

Contracting head lice can be as simple as taking a few innocent selfies with their friends. Since girls tend to be more physically intimate than boys, they are more likely to hug or get close to friends for group shots with their smartphone camera. This puts them at greater risk. Smartphones are a wonderful tool that can open up the world to your children, but you need to tell them to exercise some caution.

Take Preventive Measures to Stop Head Lice Outbreaks

You should talk to your child, and let her know the risks of contracting lice by touching heads with friends. Also tell them not to share smartphones because this can spread a lice infestation as well. Beyond technological concerns, you should also tell your son or daughter not to share hats, brushes or anything else worn or used on the hair.

You’ve Found Head Lice on Your Child

The first thing to do is to approach the situation calmly and rationally. It’s wise to periodically check your child’s hair for lice with a lice comb. Let’s say you’ve done this and found some. You need to make sure that any head lice removal action you take actually works. Time spent on debunked home remedies or money spent on over-the-counter products that most lice have become immune to are time and money wasted.

Get Powerful Help for a Tough Head Lice Problem

While it’s true that head lice are more a nuisance than a serious threat, it’s still helpful to know how to effectively deal with them. Seeking out a head lice clinic will probably be your best bet. They have professional head lice treatment options that are typically effective and affordable.

Lice Lifters of Dallas Fort Worth has locations in Frisco, supporting the entire DFW area. Our head lice removal experts at our professional lice clinic know how to treat this problem. Our solution is completed in a single visit, so you and your child can quickly get on with your lives again.

This head lice treatment is also safe and natural, so there’s no worry about dangerous toxins or chemicals.