Is Summer Head Lice Season?

Although head lice can appear at any time of year, there are indeed certain months that seem to fall in the “peak season” of lice infestations. And you’re right, it’s the summer months leading up to a new school year that are especially notorious for head lice. The question is, why?

Sleepovers and Summer Camps

The warm months always bring gatherings of close-knit friends. When kids sleep over at each other’s homes or attend overnight camps, they come in close contact with other children – and potentially their head lice! It’s not uncommon for kids to return from these fun events with a not-fun lice infestation that needs to be treated ASAP.

New School Year Photos

As children begin back-to-school shopping and attend their first day of class, they’re all going to do one thing: you know it – take selfies with friends. And that means putting heads close together, and unfortunately providing easy access for lice on the move.

Groups of Kids Mixing Together

During the school year, children usually spend time around the same groups of people. But then during the summer, they’re exposed to tons of other kids via camps, theme parks, summer school, and other places. These new adventures can lead to an unexpected lice infestation which needs immediate lice treatment.

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