Super Lice are in Texas: What You Need to Know

Millions of kids come home from school every year with lice-infested heads, and in today’s society, the little critters are becoming even more challenging to combat. Research has indicated that a new, potentially drug-resistant strain of head lice seems to have appeared in the U.S. in recent years. Although this sounds terrifying, it is still possible to treat super lice effectively. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Super lice are basically the same as regular head lice. However, they are much more resistant to the pesticides found in over-the-counter treatments and home remedies.
  • Texas has tested positive for these super lice, along with dozens of other states.
  • Super lice infestations can be reduced with prescription-strength products from doctors. Although over-the-counter products do next to nothing, these treatments can help. However, they often contain harmful chemicals or skin irritants, so be cautious when using them. In addition, these treatments will only eliminate some of the bugs, and will not eliminate the nits/eggs. If every nit — including microscopic nits — is not removed from the head, they will re-hatch within 7 to 10 days, and a re-infestation will occur.
  • Treating people before they actually have lice is a bad idea. One can become immune to effective lice treatment products if they are used as a preventative measure.
  • The best way to clear a head from super lice is to visit a treatment center. Professional lice removers offer the most effective methods to eliminate the clingy lice once and for all.

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