Telltale Signs of a Lice Infestation

Head lice are tiny. Most are the size of a sesame seed, and even though they cause itching and irritation, you might not notice them right away. In order to clamp down on an infestation right from the start, you’ll need to be aware of the early warning signs.

Here are the top signs and symptoms of lice being present on the head. If you notice any of the following, you’ll need to schedule an emergency lice removal appointment ASAP.

  • Repeated tickling feelings on the scalp. After lice gain access to a person’s head, they crawl around feeding on human blood. This activity can certainly cause quite a bit of itchiness, and in most cases, this is the first thing people notice.
  • Red bumps appearing on the neck, shoulders, and head. The lice cause more than that expected scratchy feeling. They can also leave small red bite marks across the area where they’re present. Depending on how long the lice have been present, these red bumps can appear all over the head and neck area.
  • Problems sleeping at night. Even if the itchiness doesn’t seem bad during the day, the head lice might be keeping the affected person up at night with their crawling and munching. If your kid or kiddos seem sleep-deprived, conduct an immediate head check for a possible lice infestation.
  • Obvious sores appearing on a person’s scalp. Occasionally, people develop ugly sores on their scalp. This is due to bacteria making its way into the bites left behind by lice. These sores can feel raw and gross, and should be treated effectively.

To eradicate lice quickly and effectively, Lice Lifters Treatment Centers uses an all-natural killing agent that contains no nasty chemicals or pesticides. They also give clients an at-home follow-up treatment that ensures any and all lice are gone for good. One Quick Treatment. Done! Guaranteed.

The sooner you notice the signs of an infestation and seek treatment, the better. To schedule an emergency removal appointment or speak to a lice technician, call Lice Lifters Treatment Centers today at 972-805-1308 (Frisco).