Texas Law Now Requires Schools to Notify Parents of Classroom Lice Infestation

Millions of children are exposed to head lice while attending school each year, and unfortunately, parents aren’t always aware of the lice infestations that are occurring in the classroom. If little critters were infesting heads at your child’s school, wouldn’t you want to know?

Luckily, the Texas government passed a law in September of 2017 that requires the following:

  • Once they are aware that a child has lice, the school nurse of any public elementary school must immediately alert the child’s parents within two days.
  • If a child has lice, the nurse must also alert all of the parents of his or her classmates so they are aware that head lice are present in the school.
  • Although schools can decide whether to prevent a child with lice from attending class, the parents of the child’s peers must be made aware of the infestation within five days of the initial lice discovery.
  • Parents must be sent some kind of official notice, either via handouts or electronic correspondence.
  • Any notices sent to parents must include official recommendations from the Center for Disease Control for treating and preventing the spread of lice.

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