Top Myths About Lice

Lice Treatment Richardson, TXThere are many myths surrounding lice and how to handle them. Lice Lifters put together this article to keep DFW area residents informed about the truth regarding lice.

#1 I Only Have Lice If My Head Itches

This isn’t true. In our experience, only about half the people with head lice actually experience an itchy scalp. So even if a person isn’t experiencing an itching sensation, they could still have head lice. That’s one of the reasons our company offers head checks, so you know for sure.

#2 If My Hair is Clean, I Won’t Get Lice

This is another myth we hear all too often. Lice don’t prefer dirty hair over clean hair. Since lice need human scalps to live, they will happily take up residence on whoever comes their way. Luckily, there are some natural deterrent that can help. Head lice don’t like mint. So, that why we have a Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray that can be used anytime to naturally keep lice away.

#3 You Can Get Lice From Pets

Nothing could be more false. Head lice can ONLY live on humans. So, don’t worry about the possibility of getting lice from your family dog or cat, that’s a myth.

#4 A Specialized Shampoo Is All I Need

Again, this is a myth that could lead to another outbreak of head lice in your home. That’s because in order to completely eradicate lead lice, you have to make sure you take care of the head lice and the nits. Shampoo will not free hair of nits.

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