Understanding the Life Cycle of a Head Louse

When people talk about a lice outbreak at school, there are many unanswered questions that start to circulate. For instance, what exactly do lice do? How long do they live? Can they leap from head to head?

To help combat misinformation and prepare parents for lice outbreaks, we’re going to talk about the life cycle of your average head louse, and how that affects people involved in outbreaks, making people have to search for lice treatment.

Stage 1: The Egg (or Nit)

This is the stage people seem to know the least about. Head lice begin as small eggs that are often quite difficult to spot. They become cemented on the scalp at the base of hairs, then take about a week to hatch. Because these little eggs are nestled so closely to the skin on a person’s scalp, they can be challenging to completely remove. That’s why a thorough comb-out is such a vital part of the lice removal process.

Stage 2: The Nymph

No, these nymphs aren’t mythical water spirits! A nymph is essentially the newly-hatched, immature version of an adult louse. When lice hatch, they emerge from their shells as nymphs – about the size of the head of a pin. As baby lice, they must still feed on blood. It will take roughly another week for them to achieve their full size and abilities.

Stage 3: The Adult

After two weeks of growing on a person’s head, lice become full-fledged adults. This means they are about the size of a small seed, like a sesame seed. They have six legs and light brown or gray-colored exteriors – and a hunger for human blood. They begin moving around the human head, laying more eggs and feeding on the scalp. This is what causes the itchy feeling, and is usually the first indication that a person has lice.

Even when lice become adults, they can only travel from head to head via direct contact. That means there is no leaping or flying involved. Furthermore, they only live for about a month, depending on how much direct access they have to blood.

Lice can be removed from a person’s head during any of these stages, so as soon as the first sign of an infestation is noted, call in professional aid immediately. Lice Lifters Treatment Centers employs an all-natural killing agent that’s free of toxic chemicals, and is extremely effective. The centers also give you an at-home follow-up treatment that ensures the lice are eradicated.

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