Why Do Kids Get Head Lice?

Adults can get lice just like children, but why is it that young kids are more likely to have infested scalps than their parents? Well, there are a few factors that make children more vulnerable to head lice.

Children Share More Than Adults

When was the last time you swapped hats with someone or borrowed a comb or brush from a co-worker? Kids are constantly sharing clothing, hairbrushes, hats, and other accessories. This provides a perfect mode of transportation for lice. Head lice cannot jump or fly, so don’t worry about that – but they can hitchhike on other objects to move from one person’s head to another.

Kids Attend School in Close Quarters

Young people spend most of their time surrounded by other people their age. Sure, adults sit in offices and travel in small spaces with others, but they still don’t spend as much time surrounded by other people. Your son or daughter comes into constant contact with other kids at school, and this automatically heightens their risk of contracting lice.

Children Attend Camps and Sleepovers

Like school, camps and sleepovers provide the perfect environment for lice. Kids may be borrowing brushes, sleeping in close proximity and so on, which makes it easy for head lice to move to a new scalp. Adults are much less likely to share common sleeping areas with people who aren’t in their immediate family.

So what’s the best way to handle a case of head lice on a child’s scalp? Contact Lice Lifters Treatment Centers.

Their process begins in a comfortable environment where a trained technician uses a specialized micro-grooved comb to carefully remove all lice and nits. In their skilled hands, this process is painless. Then, the technician will apply an all-natural killing agent that’s easy on young children’s scalps – and extremely effective at eradicating lice.

Lice Lifters Treatment Centers also provides an at-home follow-up treatment to ensure that all lice are truly taken care of. Don’t waste time with drugstore products – go straight to the removal source that actually works. One Quick Treatment. Done! Guaranteed.

To schedule an emergency removal appointment or consult with a lice technician, call Lice Lifters Treatment Centers today at 972-805-1308 (Frisco).