Why Do Lice Seem to Be More Common in Recent Years?

If you are the parent of a young child, you might have noticed that in recent years head lice seem to be more prevalent. Well, that’s true, and unfortunately, it gets worse: they’re also getting harder to treat and permanently remove. Like many insects, there’s an increase in resilience over time that makes head lice more prevalent and problematic. We’re going to discuss why, and want all parents to remember that at Lice Lifters Treatment Center, we offer the most thorough lice and nit removal treatment with a one-time guarantee!

Child’s hair with head lice. Lice Lifters Treatment Centers.
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Super Lice

The name “super lice” may sound like a silly name for this newer strain, but we promise that this kind of head lice is far from it. This classification redefines what these pests are: super lice are mutated lice that have become ultra-resistant to the strong pesticides found in chemical-based lice treatments. As of 2016, 48 states have been tested for super lice, Texas included. They are responsible for the discomfort of children and are unresponsive to treatments that were once surefire methods for removal.

Common Treatments Are Now Ineffective

Both over-the-counter and do-it-yourself methods for lice removal are no longer viable solutions to taking care of lice and nits thanks to super lice. Have you heard of people using mayonnaise to treat lice? How about petroleum jelly, or olive oil? These are some of the more common “DIY” methods, and all they will do nowadays is suffocate hatched, full-grown lice. They will not do anything about the nits, and when they hatch, you’ll be back at square one.

When it comes to over-the-counter chemical treatments, you’ll also want to avoid their heavy chemicals and pesticides. Children shouldn’t have these “treatments” anywhere near their sensitive scalps, especially since they will not work anyways.

Kids Are Closer

Little kids often like being affectionate; they love to hug each other and hold hands. Meanwhile, older kids like to share clothes and hair brushes with their friends. Actions like these allow pesky insects to hop from person to person. They lay eggs and multiply at a rapid rate, and treatment will need to happen as soon as possible. The best advice for parents, especially for their younger children, is to teach them about lice early on – this will make them more aware and hopefully take extra precaution at school!

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