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In Southlake, families day in and day out deserve the happiest and healthiest lives. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that sometimes kids can come home with lice from their classmates. But this is a reality that can be addressed immediately. Consult the Lice Lifters DFW Southlake Lice Treatment Center. Our facility offers fast, friendly, and effective lice and nit removal solutions.

If you would like to schedule your appointment with our Southlake lice treatment center, contact Lice Lifters today. Call 817-677-1024 for more information!

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Safe Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment

No child should fear help. When head lice are spreading throughout the classroom, your kids deserve prompt treatment from a caring and professional source. At Lice Lifters we are parents, too. We know how troublesome head lice can be, with the discomfort and occasional pain of an itchy scalp. That’s why we have designed our office and our head lice treatment to be both effective and safe. Our treatment is simple and straightforward, perfect for any child who may be worried about a trip to our office.

Our head check – the first step in our process – is simple. We sift through hairs on the scalp, searching for evidence of head lice. If we find nits or adult lice, then we’ll move forward with a comb-out. After the comb-out, we apply an all-natural killing agent, designed to stop lice in their tracks. There is no pain and no discomfort!

Head Lice Infestation

Head lice infestations are quite common. Each year, over 12 million cases are reported to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Those are only the cases reported, though. There are many more that go unannounced in small towns and suburban homesteads. Typically, head lice infestations spread amongst preschool and elementary school students, who have the highest risk of head lice in the nation. Children tend to play together closely, share items that often touch their scalp, and are not really worried about bugs as much as adults are. Due to children being at risk, families of school-age children often find themselves at risk, too.

Some symptoms of a head lice infestation often include:

· An extremely itchy scalp
· The feeling of bugs crawling along your scalp
· Sores or scabs from excessive scratching

Not everyone itches, though. Typically, itching from head lice stems from an allergic reaction to their bite. However, most people do feel the itch!

Get Rid of Lice Fast

A lice infestation is one of the most annoying pest situations we can deal with. They find their way onto our scalp, bite and suck our blood, and cause intense itching – again, with that itch typically stemming from an allergic reaction. Once the itch begins, scratching can cause sores and scabs as well, and often the feeling can intensify over time. A fast, professional solution is often the only solution.

But over-the-counter medications from the local drugstore certainly don’t work. Lice have evolved to withstand such chemicals, which do tend to be harmful to us. Professional head lice treatment is the only surefire method that truly makes a difference.

Lice Lifters has designed its treatment to be beneficial to those suffering through an infestation. When the itch becomes too much, give us a call. We’ll set up an appointment that fits conveniently into your schedule. Once you sit down in one of our comfy chairs, you’ll immediately feel at ease. And our team knows exactly how to treat head lice!

Getting Rid of Lice Permanently

Lice tends to be a temporary problem – at least, once you’ve undergone treatment! Finding the right treatment is generally the tough task. Or rather, it was. Lice Lifters has helped countless families over the years resolve their head lice troubles with ease. We have the right medication and methods that have proven safe and successful over time. Using a micro-grooved comb and all-natural killing agents, we’ll rid your scalp of head lice permanently. It typically takes just one treatment in our office. If you follow our instructions, you’ll be lice-free!

Once you feel the telltale itch of head lice, and if you spot one crawling through your hair, it’s time to act. The longer you wait, the more they spread. Once head lice infest your home, they will find every opportunity to infect your children, partner, friends, and family members. Do not give them the opportunity. Give us a call!


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