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Benbrook TX’s Top-Rated Lice Treatment Center

At Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive lice removal treatment for children and adults who are tired of lice. Lice are troublesome, tiny pests that feed on the scalp and often cause discomfort and even pain. To avoid these issues long-term, seek lice treatment at Lice Lifters Treatment Centers. Our treatment solutions work!

Best Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment In Benbrook,Texas

Children are often terrified of any medical office. They fear shots and doctors in white coats. You won’t find that at Lice Lifters Treatment Centers. Here, in our comfortable rooms, we provide safe, non-toxic lice treatments.

We have children of our own. In fact, they have undergone our lice treatment, too. We’ll care for your children as we do our own to provide expert lice removal services that are guaranteed to work the first time.

Natural Lice Treatment Clinic

Our all-natural lice treatment plan is a three-pronged solution.

  • Head Check – We’ll begin by carefully examining your hair for nits, nymphs, and adult lice. If we do not find any signs of lice, then you’re good to go! If we do, however, then the next treatment step begins.
  • Comb-Out – Our comb-out technique is meticulous and accurate. We remove stubborn nits from the hair follicles until we cannot find any more. If you have longer hair, the process takes a little longer.
  • All-Natural Killing Agent – The Lice Lifters Lice Solution Treatment is administered directly to the head, then covered with a shower cap to maximize its effects. We will then send you home, where you will perform a follow-up treatment.

The Lice Lifters Treatment Centers Guarantee

After your treatment, we guarantee you will be lice free for a full month after your visit if you have followed our after-care instructions. We cannot ensure our results if the entire family is not checked and treated promptly.

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To schedule lice treatment services, contact Lice Lifters Treatment Centers by calling one of our convenient Dallas-Fort Worth locations in Frisco (972-805-1308). We’re awaiting your call today!