About Us

About us

For both the company’s founder and myself as a franchisee, getting into the lice removal business was something we felt compelled to do after our own families went through the frustration of getting rid of head lice — only to have them return.

Our founder learned the hard way: pesticides don’t always work
When Lice Lifters founder Michele Barack learned that her children had lice, she reacted the same way most parents do. She panicked a little, headed straight to the drugstore for an over-the-counter lice treatment product, and cringed as she soaked her toddlers’ hair with a pesticide she later discovered was about four times as powerful as heavy-duty outdoor bug spray! What she didn’t know at the time is that over the years, head lice have developed resistance to these pesticides. So even after the harsh pesticide treatment, her kids still had lice — and she was back to square one.

Nitpicking alone wasn’t enough
After the failed pesticide treatment, Michele turned to a mobile nitpicker to come to her home to remove the lice and nits with a fine-toothed comb. Unfortunately, but not uncommonly, the nitpicker missed some nits. And before long, the lice cycle was in full swing once again.

Michele’s frustration motivated her to learn more about what makes lice tick, and to train herself to do comb-outs for friends and neighbors. She soon became the local expert, and discovered that the key to getting rid of lice is to combine an effective killing agent with a detail-oriented comb-out. She also felt she could treat more people by opening a treatment center where everyone would come to her — and Lice Lifters was born!

Bringing Lice Lifters to DFW
My story was similar to our founder’s. When I discovered my children had lice, I wanted the problem to go away immediately! But after several hours, several sessions, and several hundred dollars spent with a mobile nitpicker, my family was still dealing with lice.

We eventually got it under control, but it was a long and difficult battle. So when I was laid off from my job after 11 years, there was no question in my mind of what I wanted to do. I knew firsthand that there was a need for an effective lice removal treatment service in North Texas. And when I saw The Lice Lifters® all-natural killing agent in action, I was certain that Lice Lifters had the one-two punch I’d been looking for — a nontoxic killing agent to kill live activity in one treatment, and an expert comb-out system to remove the nits and prevent them from coming back.

We’re here to help!
Nobody likes having to deal with head lice, but Lice Lifters is here to help you put it all behind you as quickly as possible. Whenever you need us, just call. We look forward to taking care of you and your family by taking care of the problem. Guaranteed!

Beth Kirschner
Lice Lifters Treatment Center

Only Lice Lifters offers a two-pronged treatment that uses the nontoxic, all-natural killing agent The Lice Lifters® in conjunction with an intensive comb-out by our expert Lifticians. We’re so confident in our system, we guarantee our lice removal service.

More effective than pesticides
The problem with pesticides — other than the fact that it feels counterintuitive as a parent to shampoo your kids with them — is that many times, they simply don’t work. Lice have grown genetically resistant to the pesticides in many popular lice removal products, which means these over-the-counter products only work a maximum of 50 percent of the time, even when combined with nit combing. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine, November 1, 2012) We don’t think that’s good enough. That’s why we worked with chemists to develop an all-natural killing agent that blocks their airways and puts an end to live lice activity in 10 minutes or less.

More thorough than the average comb-out
Many mobile nitpickers and other head lice removal services pride themselves on how quickly they can complete each comb-out. But when you understand that just a few missed nits can start the lice cycle all over again, wouldn’t you rather work with a lice removal specialist who takes the time to do it right the first time? Every comb-out at our Lice Lifters treatment center is done with precision, professionalism, and lots and lots of patience. We’ve even developed a proprietary micro-grooved nit comb that’s better at removing nits than any other comb we’ve tried.

Lice Lifters DFW is located in a professional suite in Frisco, featuring tastefully decorated common areas and clean, private treatment rooms. Our treatment center was designed with your whole family in mind, offering all the amenities you need to have fun passing the time while we focus on your treatment.

Enjoy our amenities
Lice Lifters DFW offers:

  • Portable DVD players in treatment rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Snacks
  • A kids’ playroom, including:
    • Large TV with family-friendly movies
    • Games
    • Puzzles
    • Coloring books
    • Chalkboard-painted walls for doodling
    • Family-friendly DVD library
  • The Lice Lifters® products available for purchase
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