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Lice Treatment Mansfield, TXChildren are generally the first victims of head lice, as they come into contact with people during their school hours more often than many adults. Things like sharing hats, pillows, or hairbrushes happen to be the most effective methods for transferring head lice to another individual. When you discover your child has head lice, the best option you have is to undergo lice treatment in Mansfield, TX. You can check their scalp at home, but may miss the pertinent signs. At Lice Lifters, we are trained to look for even the tiniest of signs relating to lice. If we find one, we treat our patients effectively and swiftly, ensuring all lice are dead and gone before you leave the office.

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Preventing Lice

There are ways to prevent lice altogether, including reducing the ability for your child to share an item with their classmates at school. However, if you are going to get lice, you are going to get it. There is no way to effectively stop them from climbing into your hair at any given time. Many who try to prevent lice will open themselves up to the possibility of receiving them in some way. This is why it is so important to undergo lice treatment in Mansfield, TX.


Treating Lice

When it comes to removing lice once they have been found, we currently use a specially designed comb to remove nits, nymphs and adults from your head. We then apply our Lice Solution Treatment to kill off any remnants. Finally, we send our patients home to shower and remove the solution. By the time you are done, the lice are dead and gone. It is highly advisable to continue treatment for up to two weeks, just to be sure no more lice appear when you are least expecting them.


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