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Head Lice Removal Richardson, TXDo you need lice treatment in Richardson TX? Richardson is an abundant area between Plano and Dallas. Not only is it a college town, but it is also a great place to raise a family. Because the community is sprawling, alive, and busy, the possibility of your child or a family member acquiring lice is fairly high. Do not fret, though; the Richardson lice treatment offered by Lice Lifters DFW is unparalleled. Visit our Frisco lice treatment center for details.

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Safe Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment

Children tend to fear any sort of medical office. Any type of treatment tends to be part of the unknown, causing slight fear and anxiety. That should never be the case, though. At Lice Lifters, we have built a treatment center that is welcoming and helpful. No child should suffer through a lice infestation without assistance. In fact, most have never dealt with lice. They do not understand the weird itch on their scalp or the bugs crawling through their hair.

Our Richardson TX lice treatment solutions rid the scalp of head lice without any discomfort. We begin with a thorough head check to determine the severity of the situation. From there, we move to a comb-out, using a micro-grooved comb to remove pesky nits. Finally, we apply an all-natural killing agent and a shower cap to finish off the last remnants of the infestation. It’s that simple. There are no painful shots or uncomfortable situations!

Head Lice Infestation In Richardson TX

Most head lice infestations spread amongst children. While in the classroom or on the playground, children tend to have zero reservations about close contact or sharing hats or scarves in Richardson, Texas. These items are typically vehicles for head lice, which transfer from one scalp to another. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before the infestation moves beyond the schoolyard and into your home. Once the itch sets in, professional lice treatment is the only way to resolve the problem.

Head lice, as you likely know, are small, wingless insects. They live in the hair on your scalp, feeding off your blood. A single louse is around the size of a sesame seed. Furthermore, head lice are extremely contagious. When the insects crawl on to your head, you’ve been infected. This occurs by touching your head against an infected person’s head, sharing personal items, or using fabric items after an infected individual.

Get Rid of Lice Fast With Lice Removal Services

Head lice are problematic. They itch, are immensely uncomfortable, plus some people have allergic reactions to their bite. When that happens, most parents want to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Your first thought may be to visit the local drugstore or supermarket. They generally have shelves of medication designed to fight head lice – or so they claim. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter medications fail to provide results. They increase the itch, some bring about an irritating skin rash, and many contain harmful pesticides.

Do not rush to the drugstore in Richardson TX for lice treatment. Instead, call Lice Lifters. We’ll set up an appointment right here in our office to ensure you receive prompt treatment. We utilize a three-step treatment process, including a thorough head check, comb-out, and the application of our all-natural killing agent. Our products contain zero pesticides and they work quickly. It takes just one treatment in our office to rid your scalp of head lice!

Getting Rid of Lice Permanently

An itchy scalp is uncomfortable and is often enough to drive us all a little crazy. We want a permanent solution. Head lice have evolved over the years, and today they are less susceptible to medications. Your most common medications, those found in the supermarket or drugstore, fail to solve the problem. They are loaded with pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals, which today’s head lice are unaffected by.

Instead, trust in Lice Lifters. We’ll set up an appointment that fits right into your busy schedule. You’ll come in, we’ll sit you down, and from there it’s only a matter of time. You’ll be lice-free before you know it.

We start with a thorough head check to locate any pesky nits. From there, we move to a professional comb-out using a micro-grooved comb. Our comb is designed to remove leftover nits from the hair follicles. Finally, we apply our all-natural killing agent under a chic shower cap. The medication will kill any remaining head lice to leave your scalp lice-free. We’ll send you home with some follow-up instructions. One quick treatment. Done. Guaranteed!

Richardson Busy Lifestyles

These busy lifestyles we come across in Richardson are well-justified. Between the college, the residential neighborhoods, and the various schools in the area, it is just a hectic place to live. There is no denying that. However, lice infestation can be a result. From simple head-to-head contact, lice can spread.

Richardson Lice Treatment

When looking for a solution, Richardson lice treatment should be handled by Lice Lifters DFW. We understand the area and know how to properly train parents and families on how to get rid of the lice. With follow-through and expert advice from our team, your family gets back to normal! 972-805-1308


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