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Best Place to Get Lice Removal Treatment in Glenn Heights TX

Are you dealing with a lice problem? Has your child come home with an itchy scalp? If so, you may need professional lice treatment services to resolve the issue. At Lice Lifters, we provide Glenn Heights lice treatment services for families and children in need. No one wants an itchy head, and we don’t believe in using chemicals to treat the problem. We use only non-toxic solutions to ensure safety and healthy living!

Safe Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment

That’s right; we use non-toxic, all-natural killing agents to rid your child’s scalp of head lice once and for all. Your average over-the-counter lice treatment medication includes all manner of insecticides and chemicals. These chemicals, which are meant to treat head lice, are harmful to the scalp and skin. It’s best to avoid them altogether.

Head Lice Infestation & Removal

Head lice are commonly transferred amongst schoolchildren on the playground. Kids do not feel the need to adhere to personal space, and they often share clothing and other items with each other without second thought.

Get Rid of Lice Fast In Glenn Heights, Texas

The fastest, easiest way to treat lice is to schedule an appointment with Lice Lifters. We use a two-pronged attack to rid your scalp of lice. First, we use efficient comb-out techniques, then our proven, non-harmful medication. It’s that simple!

Getting Rid of Lice is Permanent or Temporary?

Of course, everyone wants a permanent solution to a temporary problem. That’s just fine, though. Lice, when treated accurately and promptly by a professional, will be gone within a matter of weeks. A second follow-up treatment should be performed within 7 to 9 days for full effect.

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To schedule Glenn Heights lice treatment, contact Lice Lifters by calling 972-805-1308 today. We’ll set an appointment to ensure your lice problem is treated promptly!