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Lice Treatment Keller, TXLice Lifters has become one of the most trusted sources to eradicate lice from patients’ heads in Keller, Texas. When it comes to lice treatment in Keller, TX, our process ensures that 99.9% of all lice are completely removed from the scalp in a single treatment. No other treatment can claim the same level of results as what we achieve in our treatment center on a daily basis. Over the counter options are often touted as one-use treatments, but the chemicals within them are harmful to your scalp and do not effectively remove all of the lice.

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What Are Head Lice?

Head louse, or head lice (plural), are parasites that form infestations in human beings. These little pests have no wings and spend their entire lifespan feeding on your scalp and breeding. Human blood is their primary food source, which makes us the perfect host to feast on. They can be quite difficult to get rid of, especially today when these lice have adapted to past treatments. Thankfully, our lice treatment in Keller, TX is more advanced and has the answers to common questions.


All Natural Remedies

At Lice Lifters, we only make use of all natural head lice removal remedies to ensure the safety of our customers. The Lice Lifters Treatment Solution is a soothing concoction of oils that eliminate all stages of the head lice on your scalp. It is completely safe, effective, and prevents the lice from spread to another scalp if you should come in contact with anyone else. We personally recommend one to two bottles of the product for four applications, ensuring no lice can survive the treatment whatsoever.


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If you need to rid yourself of pesky head lice, visit the professional lice removal technicians here at Lice Lifters. Our Lice Treatment in Keller, TX will be soothing and relaxing for all – and only one treatment is needed!


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