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Lice Treatment Ulysses-Bedford, TXMany parents seek out ways to remove lice from their children once they discover just a single egg attached to a strand of hair. However, you cannot find another head lice removal treatment that includes both pesticide-free lice treatment solutions and the expertise of highly-trained staff like those at Lice Lifters. Once you leave the office, you will be completely lice free. We can even give you some information when you leave the office to ensure those pesky critters don’t return once more within the next two weeks, as they are wanton to do often.

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Safe Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment

Children should never fear lice treatment. The itch that stems from a head lice infestation, paired with the confusion regarding bugs on their scalp, is a situation that must be treated promptly. Unfortunately, many children are afraid of any sort of head lice treatment. In their minds, they immediately imagine a sterile doctor’s office with painful shots and bad-tasting medicine in little cups. At Lice Lifters, that’s not the case. In fact, we’ve carefully planned our entire operation to be kid-friendly!

At Lice Lifters, we’re parents, too. We know how children quickly become anxious when they are fussed over by anyone, let alone a stranger. However, our treatment is designed to be entirely pain-free. We use the best products, all of which have zero pesticides in the skin-friendly formula. Your child will enjoy an itch-free, lice-free scalp after just one treatment at our office!

Head Lice Infestation In Euless-Bedford?

Head lice infestations are relatively common – we just don’t hear about them much in the media. But in fact, there are nearly 12 million reported cases of head lice per year. Yes, those are just the ones reported by the school district and family members. There’s likely another million or two unreported, though these numbers may vary significantly.

In any case, head lice are typically found amongst children, though adults are not immune. They spread easily from child to child, especially on the playground or in the classroom. You see, children do not have the same reservations as their parents. They share hats, scarves, hair brushes, and other items with friendly abandon. It’s nothing for a child to pass head lice from one to another. The cycle then continues, and before you know it, a full-blown head lice infestation is rampaging through the school district. Thankfully, our treatment is designed to stop an infestation in its tracks!

Get Rid of Lice Fast From Our Lice Removal Clinic

We all want a fast solution to any uncomfortable situation. If you feel the itch on your scalp, your initial thought is to find a drugstore and grab an over-the-counter medication. Unfortunately, these shampoos, while perhaps once powerful enough to stop head lice, are no longer capable of doing the job. In fact, these days many are loaded with potentially harmful pesticides. You’re likely going to exacerbate the problem and waste money. We urge parents to avoid over-the-counter lice treatments. They do not successfully treat this issue!

So what’s the solution? Come to Lice Lifters instead! We’ll get you in our office for a treatment quickly – and on your schedule, too. You’ll find our entire process is streamlined and efficient. We’ll sit you down, perform a thorough head check to confirm head lice, then move to a professional comb-out. Our comb-out process is designed to remove as many nits as possible using a special micro-grooved comb. Finally, we apply our all-natural head lice treatment solution to kill any remaining bugs on your scalp!

Getting Rid of Lice Permanently

When it comes to head lice, a permanent solution to a temporary problem is what we’re all after. Right now, a case of head lice seems like the worst possible scenario. The constant itch. The discomfort. It’s all too much, especially for children who have never experienced lice before. A solution must be readily available.

At Lice Lifters, we provide permanent relief from head lice. Just one treatment. Done. Guaranteed. It’s that simple. At your convenience, we’ll sit you down in our comfortable office and provide quick treatment. Overall, you’ll be lice-free, and safe to return to your home within a matter of hours. That might seem like a long time; however, consider over-the-counter (OTC) lice treatment medications. You must wash your hair, apply the meds, sit for a time, then wash again. Some OTC treatments even require you to reapply. It’s a lengthy process that typically fails. We don’t, though!

Head Check Process

The first step to removing the lice completely in our office is to perform a head check. This lice treatment in Ulysses-Bedford, TX, has been found to be quite effective. First, we carefully go through your entire scalp and hair, searching for the nits, nymphs, and adult lice that are causing that itching. If we cannot find any evidence, then you are completely lice free! However, if we do happen to find any signs of lice, then we can easily remove the problem. Then you’re lice free!

Applying Natural Treatment

At Lice Lifters, we only use our Lice Solution Treatment, which works wonders. We cover your head in a shower cap once the application process has been completed, and send you on your way. At home, you can rinse your hair out completely. By the time you leave the office, though, the lice will be completely dead and awaiting removal by water from our lice treatment in Ulysses-Bedford, TX. You can use the solution safely from home, too, just in case you worry about any residual nits growing up.

Contact Us For Professional Lice Treatment

As parents, we completely understand the worry that comes from finding lice on your child. This is why we offer completely safe methods to remove lice for good with our lice treatment in Ulysses-Bedford, TX. Schedule an appointment or stop in to the office today!