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Lice Treatment Ulysses-Bedford, TXMany parents seek out ways to remove lice from their children once they discover just a single egg attached to a strand of hair. However, you cannot find another head lice removal treatment that includes both pesticide-free treatment solutions and the expertise of highly-trained staff like those at Lice Lifters. Once you leave the office, you will be completely lice free. We can even give you some information when you leave the office to ensure those pesky critters don’t return once more within the next two weeks, as they are wanton to do often.

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Head Check Process

The first step to removing the lice completely in our office is to perform a head check. This lice treatment in Ulysses-Bedford, TX, has been found to be quite effective. First, we carefully go through your entire scalp and hair, searching for the nits, nymphs, and adult lice that are causing that itching. If we cannot find any evidence, then you are completely lice free! However, if we do happen to find any signs of lice, then we can easily remove the problem. Then you’re lice free!

Applying Natural Treatment

At Lice Lifters, we only use our Lice Solution Treatment, which works wonders. We cover your head in a shower cap once the application process has been completed, and send you on your way. At home, you can rinse your hair out completely. By the time you leave the office, though, the lice will be completely dead and awaiting removal by water from our lice treatment in Ulysses-Bedford, TX. You can use the solution safely from home, too, just in case you worry about any residual nits growing up.

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As parents, we completely understand the worry that comes from finding lice on your child. This is why we offer completely safe methods to remove lice for good with our lice treatment in Ulysses-Bedford, TX. Schedule an appointment or stop in to the office today!


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