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Lice Treatment DeSoto, TXHead lice in Desoto TX are all too common these days. Schoolchildren – preschool to elementary age – typically share their items, clothing articles, and are in close contact with each other in class. A classroom is the perfect breeding ground for head lice to spread. When parents receive that dreaded notice, panic and anxiety are common occurrences. You need DeSoto lice treatment from Lice Lifters!

Safe Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment

Your typical over-the-counter lice treatment products contain insecticides, which are proven harmful to children and their scalp. Furthermore, nitpicking alone isn’t enough to rid a scalp of lice. You need comprehensive treatment solutions. At Lice Lifters, we use non-toxic solutions to rid the scalp of lice and nits.

Head Lice Infestation In Desoto TX

Head lice are common in children, which then spread the outbreak to their parents at home. It’s a vicious cycle. We’ve dealt with the frustration before. As parents, we take the necessary steps to aid our children and those of our community with DeSoto lice treatment solutions.

Get Rid of Lice Fast In Desoto, Texas

Using our proven two-pronged treatment methods, Lice Lifters provides non-toxic, all-natural killing solutions and effective comb-out techniques to rid your scalp of lice. Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we can move forward with prompt treatment. Typically, treatment requires one to two weeks to complete. It’s that easy!

Getting Rid of Lice is Permanent or Temporary?

Lice are a temporary problem. Once you’ve started treatment, and adhere to all guidelines set by Lice Lifters, you won’t have an itchy scalp any longer. Just take our advice and undergo treatment promptly, and the problem will be no more!

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To schedule DeSoto lice treatment services, contact Lice Lifters today by calling 972-805-1308. We’re happy to schedule an appointment that fits into your hectic lifestyle! Our Dallas-Fort Worth lice removal company takes care of our customers!

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