Back to School Lice Checks: Should You DIY?
Child getting checked for head lice. Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, Dallas, Texas
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The beginning of a school year is an exciting time for your child. A new class, a new teacher, new friends, and new opportunities to learn. For parents, it is just as exciting to watch them thrive and enjoy their time at school. However, the school year comes with a few downsides. It is much easier for germs to spread and for children to get sick in such a large group setting. Beyond your typical illness, there is an even more inconvenient pest that can make its way around a class in no time at all – head lice. If you have ever dealt with head lice, you know that it is no walk in the park to treat. You have probably heard of, and may have even utilized, over-the-counter lice treatments – but do they really work? Do you know how to properly check your child’s head for lice? Learn more about back-to-school lice checks and whether or not you should leave this task to the pros.

You Should Always Do Routine Checks

Always act quickly when it comes to a possible lice infestation. But better yet, be proactive. When your child gets home from school, make an effort to comb your child’s hair and look closely for any possible nits (lice eggs) or the tiny insects themselves. What can be tricky about lice is that everyone thinks a typical indicator is an incredibly itchy head and scalp. But, only 50% of people with a head lice infestation will experience itchiness. Your child could easily be one of those cases, so it is best to check routinely rather than waiting for symptoms to appear.

Over-The-Counter: Yes or No?

Over-the-counter treatments contain harsh pesticides, which can be problematic, especially for youngsters. They can easily burn scalps, and can be extremely uncomfortable when left on for any duration of time. Some of these treatments can be up to four times the strength of an intensive insect repellant. On top of that, lice have developed a resistance to many of the properties in these OTC treatments, so your child may receive a large amount of chemical exposure for ultimately nothing.

All-Natural, Comprehensive Lice Removal

Effective lice treatment takes painstaking, layer-by-layer combing out of nits and adult head lice. This alone is reason to see a professional; at Lice Lifters, we use a micro-grooved comb that is specially designed to remove any traces of lice and nits. It will catch every strand, which is part of the reason we can say that we are a one-time visit to a guaranteed lice-free head, if you keep up with our home instructions. Our proprietary treatment solution is 100% pesticide-free, will kill lice at all growth stages, and is not at all irritating.

Make an Appointment Today

Perhaps we are a little partial, but we stand by what we do, and we know that our lice treatment is much better than any over-the-counter treatment you can buy. At Lice Lifters, we do not need pesticides to kill all lice at the source and end your problem right then and there. We know firsthand that it is necessary to comb out lice-infested hair meticulously, and someone who has never done that before might inadvertently miss a section. This is why for lice treatment, it is best not to go DIY. Schedule an appointment today by calling Lice Lifters in Frisco at 972-805-1308. We also offer mobile lice treatment service.


It’s the start of a new school year! Time for freshly sharpened pencils, a crispness in the air, learning and growing, and creepy crawly infestations. Yes, you read that last bit correctly. Fall is when we see a spike in head lice incidence. Students are ideal prey for head lice – youngsters cluster in close quarters and tend to have fine hair that makes it easier for lice to attach.

It’s also a fact that chemical lice treatments are becoming ineffective. According to a new study, head lice in 25 or more states have developed resistance to over-the-counter remedies – even those widely recommended by physicians and schools. The good news is that there are measures families can take to reduce the likelihood of bringing home these despicable creatures. Take a look at our top 6 simple tips for avoiding nits and lice this school year.

Professional Lice Treatment Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

  1. Style with a purpose. A styling product like The Nit Nanny Mint Detangler Spray gives a one-two punch – it makes combing out hair a breeze as it deters lice. Plus, it’s non-toxic and safe for the whole family. Made with all natural ingredients, it can be used on wet or dry hair as a preventative measure to help repel lice. As a added bonus, its fresh scent is highly offensive to lice but heavenly to humans.
  1. Rock a fresh hairstyle. With boys, this is as simple as keeping hair short. For girls with longer hair, explore the many fashionable possibilities for wearing hair up – from a simple ponytail to elaborate buns and braids, a contained hairstyle is more difficult for lice to penetrate than a loose mane.
  1. Y.O.H. (Bring Your Own Headphones). If your child regularly visits a technology lab at school where public headphones are worn, it’s wise to send along earbuds for personal use.
  1. Avoid Performance Anxiety. We’re talking about shared use of wigs, hats, costumes, and brushes during school plays and other events. If your child is involved in these kinds of activities, encourage implementation of some basic anti-lice policies. A regular head check of kids involved in the production is a start. Using professional grade disinfectants on shared hair implements or having each child use their own styling supplies can help, too.
  1. Safety First…Equipment, That Is. Shared helmets, especially those that see frequent use in P.E. classes, can spread lice in rapid order. If your child is involved in a sport, you can purchase your own, high-quality safety gear if you’re concerned. At the same time, make sure your kids know that a case of head lice pales in comparison to the lifelong consequences of a serious head injury. It should always be top priority to protect your noggin, regardless of lice infection.
  1. Starry Nights. Whether it’s a night at home with the besties, a cheer squad sleepover, or an overnight band trip, individual sleeping bags are a better bet than shared bedding and pillows. Encouraging kids to sleep in a star pattern with feet touching and heads radiating out can also make a difference in preventing spread of lice – tell them it’s so no one has to sleep on the end and feel left out. 
  1. It’s All About Accessorizing. Hats, hair bands, and scarves…the list of possibly contaminated items goes on. Ask your kids to keep their stylish extras to themselves. In addition, hanging a jacket on the back of a chair rather than in a crowded coat rack area is smart thinking.

If preventative measures fail and you find your family in the midst of a head lice outbreak, never fear. At Lice Lifters DFW, we’ll not only help you eliminate head lice, but we’ll do it using a non-toxic and all-natural treatment protocol. After school and evening appointments are available. Questions? Contact us anytime at 972-805-1308 or at