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Lice Treatment North Richland Hills, TXWe’ll be completely honest with you, you may not find a better lice treatment in North Richland Hills, TX, than Lice Lifters. Our services come with a guarantee that over the counter products simply cannot match up to. In fact, those products tend to be harmful, whereas our products are completely safe and 99.9% effective at removing lice from your scalp by the time you leave the office. If you discover you or a family member have lice, give us a call as soon as possible. We can schedule an appointment for you soon.

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While a comb-out at home or at a child’s school can certainly rid their scalp of some eggs or adult lice, the process will certainly not remove all of the lice effectively. With even a handful leftover on your scalp, you will find they reproduce quickly and incessantly. It is almost impossible to remove them all using a simple brush or comb the first time through. We have designed a comb specifically for removing these pests, and it does work wonders, but only when combined with our Lice Treatment Solution. With the two in place, we can remove the lice for the foreseeable future.

Natural Treatments

At Lice Lifters, we only make use of all-natural lice treatment options. This is an important feature to our service. Our clients do not care for chemicals or the horrible side effects that stem from using such products purchased at a drugstore in town. They don’t even remove all of the lice for good. Our lice treatment in North Richland Hills, TX were designed specifically by professionals to kill off lice by the time you leave our office.

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If you’re interested in a completely natural lice treatment in North Richland Hills, TX, look no further than Lice Lifters. You can call to schedule an appointment today!

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