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Lice Treatment Irving, TXBy using a completely non-toxic, all-natural lice removal treatment combined with a highly intensive comb-out from our expert removal technicians we can guarantee a 99.9% success rate when it comes to removing the lice from your scalp. You see, the problem with home treatments is that are effectively pesticides – made using harmful chemicals – that can damage your skin and cause more problems than they are worth. To top things off, these pesticides fail to remove the lice. At best, they only work 50 percent of the time, which is not worth it whatsoever. Our Lice Treatment in Irving, TX has been proven time and time again to be effective in killing lice.

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While many feel embarrassed about visiting a lice treatment center, we make our patients as comfortable as possible at all times. We have a tastefully decorated office, private treatment rooms, and the design considered the entire family. Amenities such as free Wi-Fi, snacks, and a children’s playroom put everyone at ease when they visit our office for a direct treatment from our lice removal experts.

To top that, we also sell our guaranteed Lice Lifters products to remove lice at home, too!


Lice Lifters Products

With our specially engineered steel nit removal comb and the Lice Solution Treatment, our success rate remains at 99.9% for all patients we serve. Our products are pesticide free, completely safe for your body, they remove the itch from your scalp, and, best of all, these products work in 10 minutes or less on our patients, which is why we have successful lice treatment in Irving, TX. No other product in the shopping center can guarantee such effectiveness, unfortunately.


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If you are dealing with particularly nasty lice, visit the professionals for a lice treatment in Irving, TX. Our highly-trained, helpful staff are available for any questions or to schedule an appointment today!


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