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Head Lice Treatment Center Coppell, TXDo you need lice removal in Coppell TX? Lice are, hands down, one of the most annoying parasites to infect the human body. They cause intense itching in the scalp, they suck our blood whenever they wish, and can spread from person to person, ensuring they keep on reproducing enough to come back around and bite us once more. Most treatments sold in shopping centers and local drugstores fail to work – in fact they mostly cause more damage to the scalp and skin with their hidden chemicals. The only real option to remove head lice once and for all is to receive a Lice Treatment in Coppell, TX. Our lice removal technicians in Dallas & Fort Worth TX have been extensively trained in our all-natural methods to rid your scalp of lice.
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How Long Do Lice Live For?

Lice are pesky little creatures. From the time they are born to the time an adult dies, just 32 to 38 days have passed. Nits will take between 7-10 days to hatch, and then they become nymphs. In the nymph stage, lice shed their skin until they reach adult size.

Unfortunately, after being fertilized just once, female lice are fertile for their entire lifespan. They may continue laying eggs on your scalp for that entire time – up to one month. This is why you need to seek out Lice Treatment in Coppell, TX.  Click here for more frequently asked questions!

How Do They Spread?

Lice cannot fly or jump. However, they spread through direct contact with another infected person by crawling. Never borrow a hat or comb from someone you do not know, as they may be giving you a lice infestation in the process. By sharing such personal items, you enable the lice to freely spread from one person to another, continuing the whole process.

Safe Place for Kids to Get Lice Treatment In Coppell, Texas

When it comes to head lice, your child deserves a safe environment where they can find treatment and comfort. Most kids have never dealt with head lice before, and may be confused, scared, and likely in some discomfort. At Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, we’re parents, too. We’ve spent time treating our own children for head lice in the past, and we used the same methods we’ll use for your kids. As parents, we want safe solutions, which won’t be found in potentially harmful over-the-counter drugs. Most contain harsh chemicals and insecticides, which may cause irritation and skin rashes.

At Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, we only use non-toxic, all-natural killing agents to combat head lice infestations in Coppell. Our products are specifically designed for safe use on children. These are the same products we use for our own children. Schedule an appointment today for lice removal services and see for yourself!

Head Lice Infestation

Head lice infestations occur far more often than we would like to believe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates there are nearly 12 million cases each year in the United States recorded amongst children aged 3 to 11. These lice often spread within the classroom or on the playground, as children have no inhibitions about sharing their hair products, hats, or brushes. Once the spread occurs, parents receive that dreaded notice from the school nurse.

If your child comes home early with a letter from the nurse, contact Lice Lifters Treatment Centers promptly for an appointment. We’ll fit you in quickly to ensure you receive the treatment necessary to eliminate the discomfort of head lice. Our process is explicitly designed to combat nits, nymphs, and adult lice in one single treatment.

Get Rid of Lice Fast In Coppell, Texas

At Lice Lifters Treatment Centers, we are confident in our treatment process. We have designed the entire treatment from the ground up, ensuring efficiency and complete knowledge on how to solve your lice problem. We will begin with a thorough head check, which determines the extent of your head lice infestation. If we discover signs of nits or lice, we’ll move forward with our expert comb-out techniques, designed to remove nits from the hair follicles. This process usually takes an hour to an hour and a half. And finally, we administer our all-natural killing agent to combat any remaining lice.

Once our in-office treatment is complete, we’ll send you home with a few instructions to complete in the comfort of your own home. This follow-up treatment at home will kill any newly-hatched nits, so we strongly advise you to adhere to the instructions provided following in-office treatment. Once your at-home treatment is complete, we guarantee head lice will be gone!

Getting Rid of Lice Permanently For Coppell TX Residents

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to head lice, then you have come to the right place. Lice Lifters Treatment Centers begin at the root of the problem. We will start with a full head check to determine if lice are present. If we discover nits or adult lice, we’ll move forward with a comb-out, and finally our all-natural killing agent. We have designed our treatment process to be permanent. Our treatment is guaranteed for up to one month.

After a successful treatment, there are a few simple steps to finish in the comfort of your own home. Typically, this means a follow-up treatment and application of our killing agent. Then, we guarantee the lice will be gone!

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