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Lice are, hands down, one of the most annoying parasites to infect the human body. They cause intense itching in the scalp, they suck our blood whenever they wish, and can spread from person to person, ensuring they keep on reproducing enough to come back around and bite us once more. Most treatments sold in shopping centers and local drugstores fail to work – in fact they mostly cause more damage to the scalp and skin with their hidden chemicals. The only real option to remove head lice once and for all is to receive a Lice Treatment in Coppell, TX. Our lice removal technicians have been extensively trained in our all-natural methods to rid your scalp of lice.
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How Long Do They Live?

Lice are pesky little creatures. From the time they are born to the time an adult dies, just 32 to 38 days have passed. Nits will take between 7-10 days to hatch, and then they become nymphs. In the nymph stage, lice shed their skin until they reach adult size.

Unfortunately, after being fertilized just once, female lice are fertile for their entire lifespan. They may continue laying eggs on your scalp for that entire time – up to one month. This is why you need to seek out Lice Treatment in Coppell, TX.  Click here for more frequently asked questions!


How Do They Spread?

Lice cannot fly or jump. However, they spread through direct contact with another infected person by crawling. Never borrow a hat or comb from someone you do not know, as they may be giving you a lice infestation in the process. By sharing such personal items, you enable the lice to freely spread from one person to another, continuing the whole process.


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