Treatment FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions About Head Lice : Treatment FAQs

Q: Are there any side effects from using these chemical treatments for head lice?

Ans:  This is a great question. Treatments for head lice are generally considered safe and when used as directed. Some over-the-counter treatments can cause itching or mild burning caused by inflammation of the skin on the scalp. Most products used to treat head lice are pesticides that can be absorbed through the skin. Pesticide exposure can be more of an issue with children. Things to consider when considering a pesticide lice treatment also include in the person has asthma, if there are scratches or broken skin in the area that will be treated, if there are medications being taken that could interact negatively with the pesticides.

Q: Is there a treatment recommendation for certain age groups?

Ans: Before treating young children, please contact your child’s doctor, or the health department for the recommended treatment based on your child’s age and weight. You won’t find another head lice removal treatment that combines the pesticide-free effectiveness of The Lice Lifters Lice Solution Treatment with the hands-on expertise of our specially trained Lifticians. We’ve specially designed our treatment to be kind to you and lethal to head lice and nits. We won’t put someone through the treatment that we feel shouldn’t, for whatever reason. If you have concerns about whether or not your child should be treated at our location, give us a call or come by for a free head check to see how the process works.

Q: Once head lice are killed, is the problem solved?

Ans: Once we carry out our lice treatment, we’re counting on you to follow our instructions and complete some simple follow-up steps at home. When that’s done, we guarantee our results for a full month after your visit, as long as you’ve followed our easy after-care instructions, purchased the recommended products, and had all members of the family checked and treated at Lice Lifters. That being said, if you still head of lice issues in the DFW area, be proactive and check your child’s head for nits or consider investing in one of our preventive care products to repel head lice from the start.

Last updated on July 22, 2019 by Lice Lifters DFW