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Lice Treatment Arlington, TXLooking for lice treatment in Arlington TX? You can instantly tell the difference between a successful lice treatment option and those purchased from the store with printed guarantees in bold from a marketing firm. With our treatment options, which are pesticide-free and completely safe, you will notice how there are no more lice when you leave the office. This is because we have designed products solely based around removing lice from your hair and scalp in the least painful method possible. In fact, there is no pain whatsoever. You won’t receive a rash, you won’t end up with a headache, and you will just be lice-free! Doesn’t that sound nice?!.

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Lice are survivors. They may only live on human beings – feasting on our blood and reproducing on our scalp – but they manage to thrive in their environment. A single louse can survive on the human scalp for around 30 days. During this time, they can procreate extensively and feast often before moving on to another victim. Today’s lice are quite strong. They do not respond well to chemical treatments or home-based treatment methods. Those are not even worth your time anymore. Seek lice treatment in Arlington, TX.

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We truly stand behind our products. We sell them to customers, we use them ourselves when it is needed, and we have found they work wonders. Following a successful lice treatment in Arlington, TX, you can walk around knowing you will not spread the bugs to anyone else. If you have successfully followed our instructions upon leaving the office, you won’t see another speck of lice in your hair for the foreseeable future. An after-care regimen is available, and we do recommend using it for up to two weeks after your initial treatment in our offices.

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To receive the most efficient lice treatment in Arlington, TX, we urge you to give us a call or visit our offices to remove any lice you are dealing with.