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Lice Treatment The Colony, TXWe all know The Colony is a great community. It serves many purposes, but it is especially a great place and location to raise kids just outside of Dallas and Fort Worth. Because it is a great community, there are lots of families who live here. An unfortunate result is kids going to school and the possibility of lice being shared. The Colony lice treatment then becomes a priority.

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The Colony: Lice Do’s and Don’ts

If your child gets lice at one of The Colony’s schools, one “do” is to seek out the help of Lice Lifters DFW. This team, located at our Frisco or Southlake treatment center, will ensure a thorough wash. Afterward, we make sure to send you home with an all-natural treatment. If your whole family follows the regimen, the lice will go away.

The “don’ts” of The Colony lice treatment include expecting lice to go away on their own. Also, don’t expect an over-the-counter pesticide to work on lice that have already become immune to that formula.


The Colony Lice Treatment in Frisco and Southlake

In The Colony, as much as we wish this were not true, no one is immune from lice and nits. Since this is a growing community, it is just a fact of life. Make sure you enlist the help of the Lice Lifters DFW team. We are here to help with all The Colony lice treatment. Contact us today: 972-805-1308.


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