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Lice Treatment Cedar Hill, TXIs your head scratching? Did you walk through the local drugstore and look at the boxes of over the counter lice treatment options? Notice anything odd about them? That’s right, all of those treatment options include harmful chemicals. These products are basically outdoor bug sprays that you lather into your hair in the hopes of removing lice for good. Well, guess what? They don’t actually work quite well enough to remove the lice completely. We discovered that for ourselves, unfortunately. That is why we now offer a way to remove 99.9% of all lice from your scalp right here in the office with our lice treatment in Cedar Hill, TX.
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All-Natural Treatments

Undergoing lice treatment in Cedar Hill, TX, is probably the smartest option for those with an itchy scalp. We use an all-natural killing agent that was designed to be completely safe for your hair and skin. It removes all of the lice effectively once lathered into the hair by one of our lice removal technicians – who have been trained to removal lice completely. We then offer advice on how to continue treating your scalp at home by using our all-natural products for a period of time, ensuring no more lice sprout up.


Product Costs

Our pesticide-free killing agent has been specially engineered, just like our steel nit removal comb, to rid your scalp of lice once and for all. These products work wonders, and have been tested to perform their job effectively. Our Lice Solution Treatment will cost $20 per bottle, while the nit removal comb is also $20. We also sell mint detangler spray, because lice absolutely cannot stand mint. This product is sold for $20.


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If you’re interested in purchasing our products to remove lice at home, give us a call or visit our offices today. We sell them right here in the office, too!


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