Lice Treatments Comparison

The Truth About Lice Treatment

Type of Treatment Lice Lifters Treatment
Lice Clinics of
Over the Counter Treatments
(Nix, Rid, Store brands,
Treatment One Quick Treatment. Done!
by trained and certified
There is no standardized training
for technicians, combing is
inconsistent, therefore nits and
bugs could be missed
Lice are resistant to the pesticides
(Pyrethoroid, Pyrethrins) and these
products no longer work. The teeth on the
comb are too far apart making the comb
Safety of
Products are All-Natural,
pesticide free and soothing.
Heat temperature is 120
degrees and too hot for some to
withstand. May burn scalp.
Pesticides are linked to cancer, seizures,
behavior problems and autoimmune
Effectiveness 99.9% Guaranteed to work Nits and Bugs not combed out
creates a new lice outbreak.
School nurses will not allow
students to return to school
with nits. (even if they are
dehydrated) NOT GUARANTEED
Lice are resistant to the pesticides and
these treatments no longer work.
Are Pesticides
None None Yes
Treatment Time 1 – 1 ½ Hours
(exception with extreme cases)
1 hour but may need
retreatment due to nits and
bugs left in the hair.
Could take multiple tries over month and
hours of combing
References Dr. John Clark – UMass Amherst
Researcher Studies Increasingly
Resistant Head Lice (Jessie’s story)
new research, French Academics at the
University of Rennes

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