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Lice Treatment Hurst, TXDid you know that head lice are incredible tiny? Like, 2-4 millimeters small! They can only survive on the human head, where they feast on our blood and reproduce continuously. Once fertilized, the female louse will remain fertile for her entire lifespan, spawning new lice constantly. These bugs are difficult to remove, especially when they are extremely young and at their smallest. A simple comb-through will not work whatsoever, and over the counter chemical-based products are as useless as anything that comes. At Lice Lifters, we have designed methods that are guaranteed to remove lice on the first try. We have a success rate of 99.9% with all patients with our lice treatment in Hurst, TX.

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The Fault in Alternative Methods

You have probably heard about using mayonnaise, margarine, or butter to suffocate head lice completely from your scalp. Unfortunately, these are not actually effective methods to kill off the lice. You may see some success when trying out a method like this, but not all will be removed. Those left behind will continue to reproduce at an extraordinary rate to replenish their lost young. The only surefire method to remove lice once and for all is by using a lice treatment in Hurst, TX, directly in our offices. We have guaranteed products designed to kill lice at all stages.


Lice Removal Costs

We have priced our services accordingly, but have also guaranteed affordability for families seeking to remove their lice problem. A simple head check will cost $30.00 per person, while an entire treatment will cost $125 per person. Finally, the first application of our wonderful Lice Solution will cost $30.00. This solution has been designed to kill off lice with the aforementioned 99.9% success rate. We recommend purchasing extra bottles to bring some home for further treatments where necessary.


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