Liftician FAQs

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Lice Facts

What are head lice?

Head lice are tan or brown wingless bugs that can be as tiny as the point of a pencil or as large as a small ant (2-4 millimeters). They can only live and reproduce on a human head.

What’s the difference between lice and nits?

Lice are bugs, and nits are lice eggs. Each louse starts as a nit — a tiny, waterproof, hard-to-remove egg that is laid on the hair shaft of a human head.

How long is the life cycle of nits and lice?

From the time a nit is laid until the time the louse dies of old age, 32-38 days will have passed. Nits take only 7-10 days to hatch, at which point they become nymphs. While in the nymph stage, they shed their skins three times before reaching their adult size around 17-20 days after emerging from the egg. Freaky fact: after being fertilized just one time, female lice are fertile for life!

Could lice be living in my couch or rugs?

Not for long! Off the human head, adult lice die within 36 hours and cannot reproduce without human hair to lay their eggs on.

Can lice fly or jump?

No! Fortunately, lice can only crawl, which is why it’s so important to be aware of situations where head-to-head contact generally occurs.

How do people get lice?

More than 90 percent of head lice cases stem from direct head-to-head contact. Lice cannot jump or fly — but every time you take a selfie with a friend or put your heads together in a team huddle, lice have a golden opportunity to hitch a ride on another head!To a lesser extent, lice can also be spread by…

  • Sharing brushes or hair accessories
  • Lying on someone else’s bed or pillow (such as during sleepovers)
  • Sharing hats, helmets, or dress-up clothes
  • Cloth seats in theaters, buses, trains, or airplanes
  • Hugs (But please, don’t stop hugging! Just perform regular head checks.)

Can pets also get head lice?

Not a chance! Head lice can only live and reproduce on humans.

How long do school lice outbreaks usually last?

School outbreaks usually take about three weeks. For students and their families, we recommend twice-weekly head checks at our Frisco Treatment Center until the outbreak has run its course.

Lice Treatments

I just found out someone in my child’s class had lice. Does my family need to be treated?

Unless your child was head-to-head with the other child, there’s a very good chance your family is still lice-free! But to ease your mind, Lice Lifters offers head checks in our Frisco Treatment Center.

The school nurse said my child may have lice, but her head isn’t itchy. Should I still schedule her in for a head check?

Absolutely! Only about 50 percent of people with head lice experience itching, so it’s quite possible she does need to be treated. Lice Lifters can let you know for sure and treat the problem on the spot.

Does Lice Lifters work with adults, too?

Absolutely! It’s not uncommon for parents or other adults to be affected by head lice. Lice Lifters DFW treats clients of all ages.

Lice Prevention

What’s the best way to prevent head lice?

Your kids won’t like our advice, but cutting down on selfies is a good start. Since lice cannot jump or fly, they can’t resist the adventure of exploring fresh terrain whenever a new head comes into the picture. Every time we put our heads together for a fast photo, it creates another great opportunity for lice to spread. That’s one reason we’re seeing more teenagers and young adults affected with lice than you might expect.

Are there any products my family can use to deter lice?

Lice are repelled by the scent of mint; we recommend our The Lice Lifters® Mint Detangler Spray.

I’m afraid my child will be embarrassed if I notify the school they have head lice. Do you have any advice?

Due to strict HIPAA regulations, we cannot and will not give out any personally identifiable information to your child’s school. However, we’ll be glad to contact the school on your behalf, revealing only the fact that we’ve treated a child in a specific grade level for head lice. It’s not only the considerate thing to do, but it’s also vitally important to let the school know so they can take action to stop the lice cycle, so it doesn’t spread to others or return to your child.

Now that we’ve been treated for head lice, what steps do we need to take to clean our house?

After you’ve done battle with head lice, you don’t want them coming back! But a quick one-time house cleaning after your Lice Lifters treatment should be sufficient to eliminate any stragglers. Here’s a handy checklist to make sure you’ve got it all covered:Into the Dryer * — 30 minutes on high heat (do not wash first)

  • Special stuffed animals or blankets that stay close to your child
  • Bed linens, comforters, blankets, pillow shams, and towels
  • Clothes from the laundry hamper or floor
  • Any coats, hats, or other outerwear worn in the last three days

* Any of the items above that cannot withstand high heat or be vacuumed may be placed in a sealed plastic bag for 2-3 days. Pillows or mattresses that have been covered by a pillowcase or mattress pad do not need to be cleaned.

Into the Vacuum — only those areas that have had direct head contact

  • Cloth sofas and chairs
  • Cloth car seats and safety seats
  • Any large throw pillows that can’t go in the dryer
  • Carpeted areas where kids have napped or played — usually around the TV, bedroom, and playroom

Into the Freezer — for 2-3 days

  • Recently used bicycle helmets
  • Recently used batting helmets

Onto the Stovetop — bring water to a boil, remove from heat, and submerge items until water cools

  • Brushes
  • Combs
  • Hair Accessories

Product FAQs

How does The Lice Lifters® Lice Solution Treatment work?

The killing agent in our all-natural lice treatment solution is dimethicone, an ingredient commonly used in hair cream rinse that works by clogging the breathing mechanism of the lice and suffocating them in 10 minutes or less.

How many follow-up treatments can I do with the Lice Lifters Family Head Lice Treatment Kit?

Depending on the length and thickness of hair, a single kit treats one to four heads.

Why can’t I just buy the products and do the first treatment myself?

It takes skill and practice to do a professional comb-out and apply our pesticide-free killing agent — and any mistakes you make during the initial treatment are likely to prolong the infestation. The surest way to get rid of lice quickly is to let the pros at Lice Lifters do what we do best.

Contact Lice Lifters DFW for your local treatment of lice and nits. Make sure that when your family is rid of this pest, it won’t be coming back anytime soon!

Last updated on July 24, 2017 by Beth Kirschner